Next time I'm curious what that game was that someone brought in for us to play on the ignored computer in the corner of Ms. Seward's (Mrs.?) classroom: Iron Lord.

By a process of elimination it must have been the Atari ST version. The reason being that I'd used an Amiga 500 or 600 extensively and would have noticed and remembered if it was Amiga-branded. Similarly it couldn't have been an Acorn Archimedes because almost all the other computers available to us were those ARM-based wonders. In the next classroom there was one and we used it often to play things like Crystal Maze, Lemmings, Pac-Mania, and Chuck Rock. With the disks kicking about we'd have used the other machine as well if it'd been an option.

Iron Lord was released for the following platforms:

  • Acorn 32-bit 
  • Amiga
  • Amstrad CPC 
  • Atari ST 
  • Commodore 64 
  • DOS 
  • ZX Spectrum
We've eliminated the first two. The CPC, Commodore 64, and Speccy all had distinctive appearances and whilst I might not have recognised them (although weirdly I'd played Spectrum games on PC on an emulator at this point, long before I knew what an emulator was!) they were most definitely not "early '90s light grey" (unlike the Archimedes, Amiga, and Atari ST). We had Windows machines at home and I was well versed with gaming on Windows by this point so that's a non-starter.

Quod erat demonstrandum it must have been the one and only time I ever used an Atari ST. I remember the map screen, the arm-wrestling minigame, and vaguely the archery.

Now to track down a game that might have been played on a BBC Micro... but might not. Wait, no, it must have been on an Acorn Archimedes and it really was called "Asylum"! Someone brought it in, as far as I know, and I had a go on it. What a weird time it was in personal computing.