I've been playing the 2015 Mad Max videogame and it's swirling around my head.

The main thing I can't escape from is that it's not supposed to make sense. I love the setting and it makes for some truly haunting vistas but the concept of a dried out ocean just doesn't hang together for me. I can't think of any plausible reason why resource wars and nuclear war could result in desiccation on this scale.

If you're not familiar with it a large part of the game takes place on a seabed. Lighthouses and shipwrecks sit atop small mountains, pipelines and oilrigs can be found, that sort of thing. It's a great place to set a post-apocalyptic wasteland but I just can't see a plausible way it could happen.

The closest things in the real world are the Salton Sea and the Aral Sea but they're much smaller scale.

The Salton Sea isn't small enough to be worth mentioning whilst the Aral Sea is really just a large lake. I mean, it's big but it's no ocean, and more importantly it's inland. The ocean could recede a bit but it's just too big to disappear.

As a result the game fills me with a sort of sadness at what could never be. Whilst I obviously wouldn't welcome such an apocalypse there's a strange sort of beauty to the devastated landscape. If only its implausibility didn't colour it with a permanent air of fiction....

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