Today’s You and Yours had a little throwaway comment that really aggravated me. In reference to people buying the PS4 and Xbox One Winifred Robinson said the following:

It’s twenty-nine minutes to one; stay with us to meet the grown men who have taken time off work to play on the new Xbox One and Playstation 4. I know, I know…


In fact, it upset me enough that for the first time I lodged a complaint with the BBC. I’m a grown-up now!

Here’s the main body of the complaint:

This was presumably meant as light-hearted fun but I am sure I'm not alone in taking offence at such remarks. Literature, film, and sports enthusiasts are shown plenty of respect but newer mediums such as video games are the subject of snide elitism.

I may think Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge is utter dross but I don't dismiss and mock those who enjoy theatre.

Poking fun at the players for taking excessive time off work (two weeks in one case!) is fair game. Patronising sentiments are over the line. If those spoken to had taken the time off work to attend a book festival or take part in a sports tournament it wouldn't be reasonable to mock them. Why are video games felt to be an acceptable target?

Video games are not just for children. Statistics show that most players are in fact adults. When I was a teenager I expected this idiotic stigma to have dissipated by the time I was in my late twenties. Apparently that's still not the case and I'm disappointed in the BBC's attitude.

Hopefully that’s suitable. If UUPC treat games badly that’s one thing, the BBC on the other hand has no right to act like this.

If you’re interested in the segment she was referring to you can find it here.

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