I don’t really like going into shops if I’m actually after something specific unless I know I can find it myself.

Sooner or later it involves dealing with a member of the shop’s staff. Whilst in their spare time they may well be lovely people when on duty most of them seem to become downtrodden cogs. In some this manifests as weary misery whilst in others it becomes more adversarial.

I know that it’s tough being them and I don’t like to bother them if I can avoid it. In most cases I don’t need them to do more than put my goods in a bag and hand me a receipt, in all honesty.

Sometimes though, just occasionally, I have questions. I try my best to know what I’m talking about before inconveniencing them to minimise the cringe factor for all involved. Regardless of this there are occasions where it’s unavoidable.

Today was one of those days.

As regular readers may know I’ve been doing my best to move back into video. To do that I need some good tools and whilst I’m very pleased with my camera my desktop leaves a lot to be desired in that arena. It was a pain to edit on in 2009 and it has only got worse in the intervening years.

Before I jump in I want to get a feel for what I’m getting. I want to take a bit of a look at some actual MacBook Pros in various sizes and configurations and determine what suits me.

What should also be pointed out is that this will be a work machine for several years. I’m not going to be able to just replace it on a whim so I want as much bang for my buck as possible.

Around the 22nd October Apple announced the new versions of their MBPs (I’m sick of typing out “MacBook Pro”. The initialism looks daft but it’ll have to do). A few days later there were reviews and by now it’s my understanding that they’re out there in the world.

Are the ones in the Apple store up to date? From what I could tell, they weren’t but I wasn’t sure. I tried to ask a member of staff but he was curt and dismissive. It seems I was wasting his valuable time as a mere potential customer.

Given how hard Apple make it to complain I wanted to have a moan somewhere.

Apple Store Cardiff – you were rude and disappointing.

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