Yesterday I talked about Indy Mogul, or at least how it used to be. I’m not sure whether I like that it has become something else, but there’s more useful stuff coming out of it these days, even if it isn’t as quirky.

From what I can tell there’s no main website any more and it’s just two guys – Griffin Hammond and Russell Hasenauer. It does seem that they’re doing some cool (and perhaps more importantly), useful stuff.

Here’s something from Griffin:

To me that’s one hell of a build. I will have to give it a shot myself as I’ve only got work lights (and not enough of those). They take vast amounts of juice and heat the place up to the point where one actually needs over mitts to adjust things. Safe!

Then there’s Russell:

How’s that for handy stuff?

The world of photography is a poisoned well for me and so finding friendly and approachable information really helps. Other sources seem to focus on things I not only don’t understand but also find to be barely relevant when explained. I’m not interested in having the best gear, I’m interested in the best compromise. What are the chances that the extra hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds on lenses will make me a better film maker?

Better to focus on the few lenses I’m likely to need and use before worrying about processed silicon oxide with ideas above its station.

There’s also the fact that Griffin is making a documentary and doing a variety of interesting videos surrounding that, such as this one:

To me that’s both fun to watch and actively useful. It’s good to know that I was on the right track in the old days!

Anyway, it seems that whilst Indy Mogul isn’t what it once was what it is now rocks too.

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