As per usual I’m a bit paranoid about repeating myself but today I’d like to talk about university as an abstract concept before I experienced it and the reality that I discovered.

My first understanding of what university might be comes from a folder my father owned. He was an art lecturer at Trinity College, Carmarthen in the early eighties, if I’ve understood things correctly. I believe he also did a spot of teaching up in Scotland but I’m a bit more hazy on the details.

The folder, well, ring binder, presumably belonged to one of his students. The interior was covered in scribbles and conversations and painted a picture of how students behaved at the time. I don’t recall it being particularly offensive or obscene, although it did have a few bits that made me cringe. All in all though it was surprisingly innocent.

What made me a little sad is that there’s virtually no way for me to see what life was like back then. I’m interested in that world, even if I have no desire to live in it. Wanting to avoid that I decided to do things differently during my own time at university.

As a result I have an extensive series of videos that catalogue what we went through. It shows the environments, how people talked, entertainment, clubbing, music, drinking, studying, and so on. Certainly the presenting wasn’t great (although it improved), but I could see myself putting together some sort of montage of what university was like using the old NSS material as a main source.

I don’t long to be back there, as fun as it was there’s plenty of things I don’t miss about that time. I’m very glad I documented it though – it was an interesting time in my life and makes for a wonderful highlight reel.

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