Increasingly I’m finding myself lost when it comes to Linux podcasts. Years ago I loved Lugradio but it’s gone and never coming back. To fill the void it left I tried the Linux Outlaws podcast, The Linux Link Tech Show, and the Ubuntu UK Podcast. Sadly not one of them works for me.

I’ve tried my hardest to like the Ubuntu UK Podcast but it’s just so damn difficult. In the past I’ve written in with things I wanted them to talk about and without fail I’ve been disappointed with the outcome.

For instance in the recent past I reinstalled Ubuntu and tried to use Skype, installed from the Canonical partners repository. PulseAudio made a total hash of it. I remember when PulseAudio was introduced – it was atrocious. The plan was that it would be brilliant once the issues were ironed out. That was nearly ten years ago.

Wanting to find out what the state of play with regards to it I wrote an email to UUPC. What I got was basically “Having issues? Go ask on the forums and they’ll help you!”

I’m not sure how they managed to confuse a discussion topic with a support request but apparently that was the case. If they simply didn’t want to discuss it they could have just ignored the email – popular podcasts get a lot of email and reading them all out simply isn’t possible in the available time.

In the last few days Valve have been unveiling SteamOS. It’s a Linux distro based on Ubuntu geared towards gaming.

Again, I wrote to UUPC to suggest this as something to talk about. They did talk about it for a few minutes but managed to sound intensely bored by it. I’m intensely glad I asked them not to mention that it was me who submitted it.

I can understand that they might not be interested in gaming but as I understood it I thought they were interested in Linux’s popularity, adoption rates, positioning in relation to other operating systems, and selling points.

As someone who loves Linux I find the notion of the future of gaming possibly being on Linux to be incredibly interesting. It represents a shift away from Windows on a consumer level that so far has been near impossible to crack. Whilst there are games on Linux there’s barely any compared to what exists on Windows. What if that changes? What would that mean for non-gamers in terms of software becoming available?

I’m actually struggling to synopsise here simply because there’s so much to talk about on this point. Amazingly this excitement boiled down to a sarcastic remark about how little it interested one of the hosts (around the six minute mark).

What am I supposed to listen to now?

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