When I read how other people describe themselves on Twitter I find myself a little uneasy.

I seen things like “Project manager”, “Creative director”, and so on. It makes me wonder how I’m supposed to describe myself in those sorts of terms.

BuzzgobMy title at Fox Box is “Big Mek”.

I sometimes refer to myself as the proprietor if a more serious title is required but generally I like to keep things informal.

Something that may surprise lots of you – I’m not actually very good at promoting myself. For all my perceived arrogance I don’t think all that highly of myself I just think little of many other people.

I’m okay, I could be better. That’s kinda my stance on the matter. Relatively speaking that means that others who aren’t roughly as good as me seem inferior. To me that makes logical sense. The thing being that I’ve been exposed to people I think are truly brilliant – I’m merely okay compared to them.

I have skills in some unusual areas that I have honed to a fairly extreme degree but they’re not really in areas of traditional use. I don’t mean I’m brilliant at video games (as people in the past have oddly assumed!) just that the skills I do have are apparently rare enough to not have a category of their own at the moment. That makes them a little difficult to put on a CV!

I’ve founded and managed projects in the past. I’ve written copy. I’ve been an editor for various things, in fact just a couple of hours ago I had my editor hat on for a piece Depiff is writing for tUGS. I also run my own little business and have qualifications and experience in leadership positions.

The problem being of course that I’ve no idea how to turn that into something brief that truthfully reflects who I am and what I’ve achieved. I’m not trying to get hired but it’d be nice to have a personal site that gives an overview of who I am for others to find when looking into me for future collaborative projects or similar.

It also occurs to me that many of the projects I’ve been involved with, most in fact, have been initiated by me. Not always me alone, of course, but I’ve had a central role in their creation. As a result I haven’t really assigned myself a job description or role, I do whatever needs doing and more. I was president of Napier Subculture, for example, but that doesn’t really describe what I actually did. Not only was I a leader but also its most hardworking member (without exaggeration). On my record though that’s overshadowed by the title of “president” which suggests that my role was primarily leadership of the organisation.

Thinking about whether I’d describe myself as a “team player” is a tricky one, for example. Most of the things I’ve worked on I’ve been the one in the centre of it all. Can I work with a team? Sure, if I get along with the team and they’re willing to work with me and my quirks. Do I feel that’s sufficient to count myself as a “team player”? Not by my own standards, no. But my standards are often higher than those of most others.250px-Sniper

Jenny and I often refer to the Team Fortress 2 sniper about these sorts of things – professionals have standards. That is to say we’ll do a good job even if it’s not really necessary because we consider it a character defect to do anything else. I’ve been known to define (and document) standards for things in projects because I feel being competent is a virtue.

No, 72 DPI images are not enough for the finished document. What do you mean why not? Because they’ll look like crap when printed!

I don’t care that most people won’t notice or care. We could paste together any old rubbish for them. This is so that when other people, ones with similar appreciation for competence, see the work they’ll know that we are worth their respect. Our work is what other people see of us – let’s make it good.

Harking back to my “team player” comment though – what if other people don’t appreciate my view of things? I don’t really experience empathy as has been previously noted and as such will run into issues if they don’t understand me. I won’t understand their point of view, it’ll just seem incorrect to me.

Well, I guess I could at least say I’m detail orientated…

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