princess_diariesTV shows and films seem to have a bizarre preoccupation with first kisses. As a guy I really can’t wrap my head around it.

I literally do not remember my first kiss.


Because in the grand scheme of things it’s not really an event.

If we’re talking first kisses in relationships I can remember them but more as something that had to happen before further progression could happen.2013-04-14_00002

All this fuss over it and really it’s usually lousy. You’ve not kissed before and as such don’t really have any appreciation for your preferred styles and natural rhythm. Much like many other things it takes a few attempts before a comfortable status quo can be established.

The kisses I remember with positivity tend to be those under certain circumstances. I’ve kissed someone in the rain under an umbrella, for example. I don’t remember any other kisses with that person with any degree of wistfulness or fondness. They happened, I guess, but they weren’t interesting or important.

Really, as relationships go, what I tend to remember are certain moments and feelings rather than the cookie cutter milestones that the media seems to fixate on. Bringing someone tea, them cooking something delicious for me, laughing together at something, jumping after a tense scene in a TV show we’re both invested in. Real relationship things, not arbitrary milestones.

But really, Tara, how could it possibly seem sensible to get that close to Otto?!

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