DSCF8573Back in Q3 2010 we released the rules for a new Gorkamorka faction.

That faction was The Dust Rats.

The document is 14,039 words long, apparently (excluding the title page) and is still missing a few bits and pieces.

I could have sworn it was just under 12K but apparently not. My completed undergrad dissertation document is 12,946, from what I can tell. That was a pain to write whereas the Dust Rats were easy. Conversely I cannot bring myself to read that bit of university work I slaved away on but the Dust Rat stuff is actually fun to read.

Not all that surprising, but I spent twenty minutes just reading through parts of the Dust Rat text. Every page has little details on it, intermixed with the rules. Reading Gorkamorka’s Da Uvver Book feels like that and so I am overjoyed that in retrospect we created a document that echoes that style.

It feels a little silly and arrogant but when I read the document the faction really jumps off the page for me. Their world exists for me within the story of Gorkamorka, contrasting darkly with the boisterous life of the Orks.

It has of course now been quite a while since that beta document was released. Perhaps later this year a polished, finished version will be released?

It really depends what happens, of course, but it’d be nice to get a finished version out there, complete with photos, illustrations, and so forth. Now that I’ve a better camera photos should be easy, and hopefully tracking down some artists isn’t beyond reason.

It’d probably be a good idea to put together some new models though. My sculpting abilities then and now contrast massively!

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