I used to love strategy games. Command & Conquer was tricky for me at the time it was released, or a few years after at least, but I could at least play C&C: Red Alert to some extent. I usually just played skirmish mode though as the single player campaign was too difficult for me.

Fast forward to a few years later and I got my mitts on a pirated copy of Red Alert 2 and adored it. The single player was easy enough for me to actually finish it and have fun along the way. I even played through the game on hard difficulty because I could for once. The expansion pack, Yuri’s Revenge, was released and it added even more awesome fun to things. hollyIt’s one of those things I wish I could ask Dave to delete from my memory so I could enjoy them as new all over again.

However Command & Conquer: Generals was released a little while later and the graphical style completely put me off. I couldn’t get behind the advantages of a fully 3D environment at all. In Peter Molyneaux’s Black & White I could manage it but for a “true” RTS it just seemed out of place.

Red Alert 3 was released some years later and I played a few missions before uninstalling that tiresome crap. It meant well, it really did, but the squished, almost Chibi art style was horrendous. Couple that with the concept of “Co-Commanders” who would complete the mission for me (I rather like taking things at my own pace both in life and in video games) and the resulting experience was dire.

Since then I’ve not really played any RTS games due to the lack of things that interest me. I enjoyed the isometric viewpoint but I’m not married to it. It’s simply a matter of not enjoying it being shoe-horned in where it really doesn’t need to be. If it actually benefits play in a meaningful way that’s fine.

Somewhere on Reddit I got linked to a KickStarter project called Death Inc. and I would suggest you check it out. Whether it’ll be any good remains to be seen but at the time of writing £10 will get you the game. It only has a few days left but with a big push it could well make its target.8513562780_7cf2800284_o

It’s looking to combine elements from Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park, Pikmin, and Darwinia. I’m rather enamoured with the painting mechanic for path finding and it’s also going to be cross platform which makes me a happy räv.

Take a look at least, I think it’s pushing the RTS genre forward in a way that looks… fun. Lots of games seem to forget about the whole enjoyment thing and strive to remain serious. Gaming is serious business as we know.


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