Remember the Digital Economy Act?

Yeah, that bit of dodgy legislation that the Labour government forced through during the wash-up period of the last parliament. The one which only 16 MPs bothered to show up for the reading?

Yeah, that one.

Well there’s an Early Day Motion (1913) in the works to deal with some of its more glaring issues.

That this House welcomes the report of the Special Rapporteur on Free Expression, Frank de la Rue, to the Human Rights Council of United Nations; notes that he is `alarmed' by the Digital Economy Act 2010 and other three strikes disconnection laws and that he considers them to be a violation of freedom of expression; further notes the report's recommendation to repeal laws permitting disconnection of users from the internet; further notes that La Rue emphasises that web censorship should never be delegated to private entities, and that corporations should only act to block and censor with the authority of a judicial process; and calls on appropriate Parliamentary Select Committees and the Government to re-examine new website blocking proposals from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, as part of the Home Office's Prevent strategy, and in sections 3 to 18 of the Digital Economy Act 2011 in the light of this report.

I’ve written to my MP, Alistair Darling, but given his position within the last government I hold little hope that it’ll do any good.

If you’d like a convenient way to do the same head over here – The Pirate Party are doing their best to make this happen.