Monetising content

01 March 2011

This is a subject that has been bouncing around my head for some time and I doubt I am alone in that.

I love releasing content for free, but I also like to have secure revenue streams to finance future projects, living expenses, and to throw on the pile.

At the moment I'm not really producing anything with mass appeal, but even if I was in these lean times there's not exactly lots of capital kicking around. Audio content, for example, is tricky as it requires both a delivery vector and some way to monetise that; be it through web site ads or audio ads.

Video content isn't quite as difficult but is still tricky. It takes much more time and is significantly harder to get looking professional, for not that much greater return on investment.

In general this sort of thing is stuck in my mind as I would really, really like to avoid a soul crushing desk job. I have other plans to as many of you know but the initial step is to secure funding.

This stuff always starts bugging me when I absolutely must sleep. Argh!