I see it in clothes shops, I read about it in magazines, and I sometimes see it for myself - people seem to have been conned into liking things from the 1980s.

Speaking as a thing from the '80s (born in, not experienced) I feel this should be considered shameful. The fashion was dreadful, the culture corny, and then there's the way it embraced greed...

A bit of greed is good, as long as we're no talking Gordon Gecko. By that I mainly mean entrepreneurship, not just a desire for money and possessions - the desire for freedom, not the desire to pour ever increasing amounts into the bottomless pit of consumerism.

Then there's all the negativity towards Margaret Thatcher, which I may have written about before (at the moment it slips my mind, which is a little ironic in a bad taste kind of way...). I don't know which of her policies caused the most hatred, but I certainly have respect for such strong leadership. I'm actually quite satisfied with the current UK government at the moment, as it happens.

I don't have any real big party affiliation - I dislike the Tories, hate Labour, and feel relatively indifferent towards the Lib Dems (so they got my vote). Getting a Conservative government tempered by the Lib Dems seems to be quite a good arrangement, preventing excesses by both sides.

I also hear that Labour's finances are in quite a sorry state (£20m in the red according to John Prescott) which makes me very happy. The damage they've done to British agriculture is disgraceful and have soured me from ever voting for New Labour. If a new generation of Labour came along and wasn't godsawful I would at least consider them, but not New Labour.

It seems the Australians are looking at a coalition government themselves, perhaps it'll be a new trend, but that's probably too much to hope for.

I was talking about the 80s, wasn't I?

Architecture, video games, culture, at least in Britain, oh yes, what about them? All worthless, that's what!
The early nineties weren't much better I will admit, but it feels like things are slowl improving, which is of course pleasant.

Perhaps I should consider a career in politics after university.