This morning I was greeted by a tweet from Diaspora with an update of how the work on their product has been going over the past month. In May they secured enough funding to get started and since then they’ve been working feverishly to get things up and running.

What is Diaspora? (“Dee-aspo-rah”)

From what I have read and understood it is a decentralised social network, based on federated servers, kinda like running your own email server or Wave server.

What this means is that I could run a Diaspora “seed” on my hosting server, or my home server, and create a social network, which would happily link up and communicate with any other Diaspora seeds.

Why would I want to do this?

As it would be running on my server, the data is in my hands, not the hands of some random corporation or multinational of dubious moral credentials. There’s probably other reasons too, but that’s the reason I can see being the most important.

Other things that I like about Diaspora..

  • Standards compliance
  • Open source
  • Encryption as part of the original design
  • Plugin support

Here’s a video they released recently:

Diaspora Message Propagation (pre-alpha!).

So, there you have it I guess. There’s not much more to say for now, but this looks like an interesting technology to me. I don’t like Facebook so a competitor that is significantly more technically competent appeals to me.