Keeping the place tidy

21 April 2010

Recently Shot Of Jaq released an episode in which data storage and data destruction were discussed, which got me thinking.

I've seen search systems like Beagle, Spotlight, and Google Desktop Search but none of them quite satisfy what I'm looking for. You probably aren't like me and probably don't have files collected over the best part of ten years, so perhaps my solution is overly complicated. However, if you are untidy, but wish to be tidier, this might be of use.

I would like to have a desktop AI which learns my behaviour. It would require a whole host of abilities to work properly but I think we're nearing the stage where it's feasible. It would need to learn to recognise a user's preferred filing system, if one exists (I file my photos by quarter, Q1 2010, Q2, etc..).

It would also need to have simple user input - preferably through either a chat prompt or spoken words. We have the technology to build reasonable, learning chat bots after all, and it would need to be able to ask the user questions about the data.

That said, when first running it would need to observe for a week or two before acting, simply to give the user time to demonstrate things to it, importantly, when to interject with questions. I'd hate for it to be one more nagging program for the user to deal with!

Perhaps Wednesday afternoons are usually quiet for a couple of hours, a fact that could be established by monitoring user behaviour.

There are a whole load of issues relating to the concept but in general I think the idea has merit and should be explored.

I ain't dead.

07 April 2010

I've been monitoring the stats for the various websites I maintain and it occurs to me that even though this is the first time I've updated my personal blog since November, I'm still getting ~120 hits per month.

Sure, it's not a huge amount, but it is consistent.

There's several things I could blog about but it could be a while before I do so. This blog is of course not dead, after all, I've had it for quite some time and there are always times when silence descends.

My life hasn't suddenly become boring, quite the opposite.