One thing I'd like to do, eventually, is to create a proper Gorkamorka web page. A decent one with a sensible layout, up-to-date content (or timeless) and decent explanation of the history of the game.

There's not enough going on with the game to need frequent updates so it'd be more of a collation of data that's already out there.

That said, I can't really see it happening. I simply don't spend as much time online as I used to. Sure, I use tech a lot, but these days it doesn't feel like there's as much going on. Maybe I just feel a little alienated. Facebook feels empty, Twitter quiet and that's about it.

Similarly I don't spend as much time on forums as I used to. Wooden Dice is obviously still supported and I post in bursts but many of the other posters have wandered off. This is of course what happens when people have lives and do interesting things - we don't have the time to just idle online.

It's both sad and good. I've no intention of taking down Wooden Dice, why would I?
I'm easily stubborn enough to keep it going and who knows, maybe one day we'll have a revival. We're having the first Wooden Dice meetup this month, after all!

I have heard mention from the "YourPSP Pirate Party" that they consider WD to be an off-shoot of YourPSP, like themselves. So, guys, if you read this - Wooden Dice has never been an off-shoot of anything. Especially considering WD was founded at the end of February, 2005!