So, here's an entry. It's been a while and may be a while until the next one. Enjoy this one whilst it lasts.

I've been very busy over the last few months although things are going rather well. I'm still not happy, which is a shame but is partly due to my own weakness and compassion.

On the academic side I'm not doing too badly. I'm up to date on coursework and have secured SAAS funding, which is awesome. No real complaints at the moment, to be honest. I should probably work a little harder, but my last essays weren't overly slapdash.

Societally speaking, things are going quite well too. Some set backs have hit us, many due to Adobe Premiere's crippling rendering issues. Some feedback I received recently irritated me, although I'm doing my best to only respond negatively in words, responding positively in actions. I reserve the right to bitch and moan, after all.

This week's episode has some real highlights and our crews' abilties are improving my leaps and bounds, vastly improving our capabilities.

Our connections are improving too and I'm hoping we'll secure an interview with Jonathan Coulton on the 8th of November, although I'm not certain that'll work out yet. We've also spoken to various pro-skaters and got in free to pretty much everything.

I'm hoping that I can secure another Google Wave invite for Chris in order to push the NapierTV documentation project forward. Yes, I have Google Wave (and have had since a few days after the public beta opened, thanks to Alan Bell) -, I think.

On the wargame front I've got mixed news. My ork mob, the appropriately named "Nazgrab's Yella Deff", are all painted and ready for their next rumble (which they'll probably lose, the cowardly gits). I've also had some interest in a Mordheim campaign, but currently I'm not ready to run one. I hope to soon have time to play more Gorkamorka, other stuff permitting.

Costume-wise things are going well. My Cthulhu mask is starting to look excellent and I hope to make significant progress tomorrow. Photos soon!

Whilst the current situation is pleasant in many respects, I'm still not happy. I fear I may need to be stronger and stop this before it gets too far. This is, after all what I forsaw and ultimately did not want.

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