Damn you, the Skinny.

22 September 2009

I feel like I'm having a bit of a personal crisis. I've got enough to keep me busy but I'm just feeling a little, well, at a loose end.

Essentially, I blame the Skinny. Their student survival guide made me focus a little more long-term than I feel like thinking. It's not that there's anything bad coming up, or anything to be depressed about, I just feel a little off. It feels both saddening and ridiculous!

I'm hoping that the coming week and academia will make me feel a bit better. I guess I just wanted to complain a bit and don't feel like dedicating too much time to feeling lousy.

In terms of what's going on in my life, things are great. The society is well on track and my modules seem pretty good. I think I just want to find enough time to party hard so I don't feel like I'm missing out on stuff.

I'm also hopeful that upcoming society events will buck my spirits and the politics of further growth and advancement will reignite my spirit.

Flyers and other promo tat

12 September 2009

In the aftermath of Freshers’ Week I’ve been sorting through some of the tat that was given out at the Freshers’ Fayre. NapierTV gave out some stickers, badges and flyers, but mostly we pitched. Other stall-holders were a little more, erm, lame?

Lots of the nightclubs gave out flyers. Lots and lots of flyers. Each more garish than the next, covered in more text than anyone would ever read. Meaningless membership cards were everywhere. What’s the point in having a membership card or guestlist that is open to everyone? If you’re trying to market yourself using a degree of exclusivity it seems rather redundant to me.

It’s the flyers mostly. I’m a compulsive reader, like my father, and struggle to not read text put in front of me. These flyers made even me turn away. TOO LONG, DIDN’T READ. If these clubs are trying to appeal to students, why are their flyers walls of text with as little whitespace as possible? Why are some of them spelt wrong? How come some have clearly not even been designed for print?!

I’d post photos of some of them, but to be frank, I’ve binned the lot.

Give out memorable stuff, ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just interesting. Napier’s Christian Union give out tins of baked beans with customised labels, for example. I’m not a fan of the CU (I’m relatively indifferent), but I admire their free tat.

Our flyers tried to be quite subdued. One side contained only a photo and a URL:


The back had some carefully worded text. Perhaps it could have been worded better, we always want to do better, but it certainly wasn’t bad.

These clubs might instead want to go for banners with some of the text they wish to give out and flyers with their name and a map. Perhaps include the price and the opening times. That is ENOUGH. Giving more is just unnecessary at the Freshers’ Fair. Information overload and short attention spans do not mix well.

That is all.

It’s been sometime since I updated last. The simple explanation is that I’ve been busy.

Not just a little busy, but very busy.

As you may know, it’s currently Freshers’ Week here at Edinburgh Napier, almost a month earlier than last year. What this has meant is frantic activity to get the society ready for prime time. Websites set up, hashtags established, publicity photos taken, flyers and promotional tat ordered, hoodies ordered and a LOT of budgeting.

On the plus side, we’ve never been in such a good position before. We know what we’re doing, we have a basis of experience, we’ve got good connections, a strong exec and big plans.

We’ve had big plans since our inception, but this time they are laid out on the calendar and should hopefully come to fruition. We’ve certainly laid the groundwork.

Right now we’re preparing to head out for the Freshers Pub Crawl 2009, with a “high seas” theme. Pirate costumes at the ready!

This is the next stage, meeting the students and trying to win them over. So far Chris and some of the team have been to one of the events and interviewed Sandi Thom, which by all accounts went very well. The NapierTV book now contains her signature and “big love!”. How about that?

Anyway, IT BEGINS!