I have several things I’d like to write about at the moment, including the Festival of Falconry 2009, the CLA Game Fair 2009 and Glasgow By Gaslight, but right now I’m too tired to do so. Instead

What I can be bothered to write a few lines about is something I just encountered whilst taking some tedious quiz online. One of the questions asked:

The last time you were REALLY scared, how'd it work out?


The honest answer to that question is “huh?”. I honestly cannot recall when I was last particularly scared. I’ve been vaguely nervous, a bit stressed, depressed or angry, but I can’t think when I was last actually genuinely frightened.

That said, many of their quizzes are badly worded and seem to make many assumptions that make little sense from an objective viewpoint. A question that stipulates a personality trait should have an answer option allowing for “that’s just not like me”. Perhaps it’s some sort of thing that I don’t get due to it being an American site. Their culture is very different from ours in many ways it would seem and as such many things are presumably lost on foreigners such as myself.

One of the questions I encountered made reference to music with explicit lyrics. Do people actually care that music contains vocals containing swear words?

Another stated I needed a new car. I don’t get it.. Why do I need a car precisely? I do so love paying road tax, insurance and other upkeep charges, please, allow me the opportunity to opt in. There was also one that said “What do you like best about driving?”. I like it best when I’m not the one at the wheel..

I think the site is actually aimed at girls, but many of the quizzes are gender neutral, even if they’re somewhat retarded. What can I say, I’m procrastinating. It’s either this or sleep and going to bed is so much effort..

Right, enough filler content.


Oh wait, one last thing - their “How Evil Are You?” quiz gave me the following result:

Hmmm... You don't seem to match any of our categories!



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  1. Maybe you are just SO evil that it broke the quiz? It's always a possibility.

    That said, most quizzes suck. I don't bother doing them usually. There's no point. I don't really care what the results would be most times. What Star Trek character am I? Not bothered. Mebbe I'm just jaded!

    Allimagator Kameleont-Krokomodile

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