See that?

Yeah, that’s my Rebel Grots’ big lugga. Perhaps it doesn’t seem that huge but to give you a point of comparison..

My big lugga = 21cm long, 14cm wide and 20cm tall
The old Gorkamorka Ork trukk = 11cm long, 7cm wide and 4cm tall.

This thing is fucking HUGE. Admittedly the old Ork trukk was just too damn small. One could barely fit more than a couple of Orks on it, especially the modern Orks which are much bigger than the old Gorkamorka era ones.

My Grot cuttas are rather enormous too though. Hopefully some Ork vehicles will emerge that are suitably chunky to ram me. Crunch!

In terms of models I’ve now just got two drivers and a gunner. Plus my first cutta driver makes four. So, four figures to paint and three vehicles. I’ll not be painting the vehicles until I return to Edinburgh though as I’ll be damned if I’m undercoating them by hand.

I’ll be returning on either Sunday or Monday, I think. I could do with getting back soon. There’s a convention, an interview and a whole load of NapierTV stuff I need to get done. That said, I’m rather enjoying being around my parents, so I’ll miss them when I go back, you know, until my conditioning kicks back in.

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  1. Can't wait to hijack it. ;)

    Allimagator Kameleont-Krokomodile

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