Whilst waiting for footage to transcode for editing, I’ve been watching a few videos on YouTube. Comments should possibly just be disabled on that site – the box says “Comment on this video” not “Prove you’re an idiot”.

In my travels I encountered the video for a T.I. song. Apparently he’s a hiphop artist of some kind. I don’t know if he’s currently popular and but apparently he’s currently serving a year behind bars. Sounds like he’s ticked most of the boxes so far for a successful rap career.

I don’t know whether I actually like the video or not, which to me at least is far more interesting. It portrays the mythical hiphop lifestyle with T.I. acting as the “sugar daddy” to the anonymous female protagonist, up to a point.

I don’t know if this is what many women want, although it doesn’t seem unbelievable sometimes. Whilst I would like vast wealth, I doubt it would make me much happier. Perhaps a little, but really what I think the desire is for glamour. Such an interesting human quirk – fame, glamour and status.

It also amuses me that the amount of money and possessions seen in the video are probably significantly more than T.I. actually owns. I may, of course, be wrong. Perhaps it’s simply that the people I’ve met who have that level of wealth rarely feel the need to splash it around or buy doodads and bling.

The other concept that interests me is the freedom the lyrics refer to. “You can have whatever you like” and “You can go wherever you like”. It’s kinda interesting that it seems to be money that is considered the hindrance to freedom. Sure, without any money it’s problematic, but one doesn’t require fictional amounts of money, unless of course what one wants is lots of money.

It makes me wonder – how often do people actually stop to consider why money is so important to them?

You and your kind, all you care about is money.

Gorkamorka-campaign-1Well, the first game of my first Gorkamorka campaign has just finished.

The result?

A resounding lose on my part.
For the first few turns there was a lot of “erm..” and “I think that’s how the rules work here..”.

I also managed to insult Chris’ father before play had even begun. Nice going, Ben.

That said, once I got the rules straight things worked out quite well. My lads careened around the board in their two vehicles, firing harpoons and shootas at Da Noobz and their boys. Dawn’s poor lad, Jeff, was not only mocked for his name, but also repeatedly pummelled by my buggy, before being clubbed out of consciousness by my spanner.

Things started to go wrong towards the end when Dawn’s lads piled onto my buggy and beat them into a smooth, green mash. A few knackered vehicles later and my lads losing their nerve and scarpering and it was stats o’clock. Oh and two of my guys were captured by Da Noobz.

All in all, it went well. A bit of terrain would have helped and I’m going to need to craft some as soon as I can. Hopefully we can get a few more games going and then I shall be bringing in my grots. FOR FREEEEEDUM!!

Many years ago I wrote a document entitled “A Note On Sleeves” and then posted it on Wooden Dice’s wiki. Time, hosting moves and server hard disk crashes have claimed it now, although I did manage to find a copy over on Archive.org. Amusingly, as it was on our wiki, the oldest version was vandalised (I’d wager it was Joyno, the cheeky git) and says:

ben fox is a litle bit gay
he has a willy like a bannana


Admittedly I’ve seen some pretty large bananas over the years so perhaps I should take the second bit as a compliment.

Back onto the more serious point, the document was about suggestions about maintaining mental and physical form, written from a perspective derived from Altered Carbon (a rather interesting trilogy of books in which a body is referred to as a sleeve, acting as a semi-permanent vessel for a digitised consciousness).

Reading through, it’s still relatively accurate and true to what I believe, even to this day. I cringed when I first opened it, mainly on general principles, but when I started reading I found that it wasn’t written in a style that is that different from how I write now. A little more detached and clinical, perhaps, but relevant nonetheless.

I’m considering posting the contents of the document here, but not tonight. I’m sure anyone with a modicum of technical expertise will be able to find a copy of it.

A healthy sleeve will be act as an excellent fall-back mechanism, catching you when your mind is struggling to hold together. If you come to realise it you will marvel at how magnificently it works, like a well-oiled machine it will carry out whatever you ask of it and more.

(Formatted roughly in the way it used to look on the WD wiki)

I’m also considering writing some more vaguely political documents and fleshing out Arbiterism, as I’m a little tired of the fact that it seems from the outside as if I’ve abandoned the concept. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. I’ve been thinking and discussing the structure with a few other arbiters and am considering how to put it into words.

One minor disadvantage of Arbiterism is that it relies on judgement a lot, much like the Swedish concept of “lagom”. Not common sense, which is actually rarely common and especially isn’t common in many of the general human population, but judgement.

I’d also eventually like to do a roll-call of arbiters, to see who is active and who should be removed from my mental register. The number is smaller than before, but I also feel we have more genuine arbiters today than we did four years ago.

Perhaps the revolution will never come, so to speak, but I’d still like to try. Currently I’m working on more short term projects for both my own enjoyment and to provide funding for myself and future projects. In order to finance the initiatives I’m throwing around the ideas for, we’ll need resources.

I also think that it’s important to make sure there are alternatives to thugs like the BNP and narrow-minded nationalists like the SNP. Perhaps if parties such as the Pirate Party have some success then there will one day be more political awareness and interest amongst the population of the UK.

I personally am tired of Labour. I’m also uninterested in the Conservatives. I can’t say I have anything to say about the Liberal Democrats either.

I want to choose something else.

Shitty filler content!

11 August 2009

I have several things I’d like to write about at the moment, including the Festival of Falconry 2009, the CLA Game Fair 2009 and Glasgow By Gaslight, but right now I’m too tired to do so. Instead

What I can be bothered to write a few lines about is something I just encountered whilst taking some tedious quiz online. One of the questions asked:

The last time you were REALLY scared, how'd it work out?


The honest answer to that question is “huh?”. I honestly cannot recall when I was last particularly scared. I’ve been vaguely nervous, a bit stressed, depressed or angry, but I can’t think when I was last actually genuinely frightened.

That said, many of their quizzes are badly worded and seem to make many assumptions that make little sense from an objective viewpoint. A question that stipulates a personality trait should have an answer option allowing for “that’s just not like me”. Perhaps it’s some sort of thing that I don’t get due to it being an American site. Their culture is very different from ours in many ways it would seem and as such many things are presumably lost on foreigners such as myself.

One of the questions I encountered made reference to music with explicit lyrics. Do people actually care that music contains vocals containing swear words?

Another stated I needed a new car. I don’t get it.. Why do I need a car precisely? I do so love paying road tax, insurance and other upkeep charges, please, allow me the opportunity to opt in. There was also one that said “What do you like best about driving?”. I like it best when I’m not the one at the wheel..

I think the site is actually aimed at girls, but many of the quizzes are gender neutral, even if they’re somewhat retarded. What can I say, I’m procrastinating. It’s either this or sleep and going to bed is so much effort..

Right, enough filler content.


Oh wait, one last thing - their “How Evil Are You?” quiz gave me the following result:

Hmmm... You don't seem to match any of our categories!



The Matrix films get a lot of abuse but not from me. whilst the second film wasn't particularly great, I enjoyed all three of them, as well as the Animatrix and Enter The Matrix.

Yes, they're not as good as the first film, which was, at least for me, jaw-dropping. But I liked them anyway, they created a marvellous microcosm which still partly exists in my head.

I enjoyed the fact that Enter The Matrix was intertwined with the films and that characters from the Animatrix sometimes appeared as well. Yes, the game wasn't brilliant, although it was quite pretty, but it did have some memorable features.

I had once planned to have a Matrix marathon, watching all three films, the Animatrix and the cut scenes from Enter The Matrix, but given their non-linear relationship, I doubt it will ever happen.

I'd quite like to play through the game again, but only if there was a make-the-game-better mod. There was never enough ammo and some of the levels were far too repetitive. The lack of ammo was infuriating as there were so many cool bullet-time things one could do, but with so little ammo I never felt there was enough to use on such frivolity. This makes me a sad Fox.

I did try playing The Path Of Neo on my PS2 ad I think I may still have a copy, but I must say I got bored far too quickly. Maybe I'm now too old (mentally) or maybe the PS2 just has the amazing ability to sap my interest in things..


See that?

Yeah, that’s my Rebel Grots’ big lugga. Perhaps it doesn’t seem that huge but to give you a point of comparison..

My big lugga = 21cm long, 14cm wide and 20cm tall
The old Gorkamorka Ork trukk = 11cm long, 7cm wide and 4cm tall.

This thing is fucking HUGE. Admittedly the old Ork trukk was just too damn small. One could barely fit more than a couple of Orks on it, especially the modern Orks which are much bigger than the old Gorkamorka era ones.

My Grot cuttas are rather enormous too though. Hopefully some Ork vehicles will emerge that are suitably chunky to ram me. Crunch!

In terms of models I’ve now just got two drivers and a gunner. Plus my first cutta driver makes four. So, four figures to paint and three vehicles. I’ll not be painting the vehicles until I return to Edinburgh though as I’ll be damned if I’m undercoating them by hand.

I’ll be returning on either Sunday or Monday, I think. I could do with getting back soon. There’s a convention, an interview and a whole load of NapierTV stuff I need to get done. That said, I’m rather enjoying being around my parents, so I’ll miss them when I go back, you know, until my conditioning kicks back in.