I've been working on my rebel grots for a few days in total and so far I'm rather pleased with how it's going. Back in the day a player would require a huge number of metal grots (~£6 for two!) plus several vehicles (rare although relatively cheap). That'd be about sixty quid for a mob of them.

So far mine has cost me perhaps ten pounds and that covers my whole mob with spares. The new plastic Warhammer 40,000 grethin are great. About six quid for ten (plus an Ork who has become the gunner in my Gorker mob, but that's another story).

Plastic models are a gods send for the simple fact that they can easily be repositioned and modified. Metal models are tougher but modifications need careful cuts and green stuff. Plastic can be fused back together and rebuilt with relative ease. A scalpel, a few files and some polystyrene cement and a model can be heavily modified successfully.

Few of my models are precisely as they were when they came out of the box. Heads are swapped, weapons sliced off and changed, accessories added and limbs repositioned.

Taking this further, my grot's vehicle fleet is two-thirds complete. Two land yachts ("cuttas") and a large thingy ("big lugga") are what they're planning to field, but so far only the cuttas are done.

IMG_1595 They're scratch built and perhaps a little large, but I think it's a little more practical to make them larger than the rather puny old Gorkamorka vehicles.

Leading on from that, my Gorkers are fielding two vehicles - a buggy and a trukk. I've not really considered precisely how to do the truck yet, but the buggy is based on an old Gorkamorka Rokkit buggy:


It's not huge, but it should hold three or four models now, a significant improvement from it's previous passenger capacity of "you're 'aving a laugh!".

Finally, I'd like to share a work in progress shot of four of my rebel grots being painted:IMG_1622

From left to right - my banna waver, random grot with six-shoota, my head honcho, and a random grot with a slugga and knife.

I'm particularly proud of the banna waver (or was it "wava"?). He had a club which I hollowed out and attached a banner pole from an old, erm, Gorkamorka biker? Then I used a few bits of plasticard to build a star of the revolution to complement the new pole.

The weapon is actually unique too. It's a sawn-off shoota with a new green-stuff barrel and the stock off some other random weapon.

My head honcho is much simpler, a sawn-off blunderbuss plus a sight from a bunch of plastic orks.

It's a lot harder to paint grots having got used to painting bigger greenskins. They're bloody tiny! I'm very pleased with them though and I think at this rate I'll have the whole lot polished off before I get back to civilisation, just in time to build a big lugga and an orky trukk or six. I'm probably going to be building/modifying some vehicles for Dawn and Matt, should they require them. I think I may be painting his orks too, as I know he has little to no interest in physical tokens in games.

Then there's the plans for our giant, modular Necromunda board, but I'll have to save that story for later..

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  1. Buggies, cuttas, banna wavas... yer way ahead of Matt and I! We'll get there, I imagine, but being a n00b at this model painting thing, I doubt mine will look as good as your gretchin! I'm giving it a shot, though... I'll try to find the base for your camera so you can see what we've accomplished so far later today. Right now, it's off to make a final decision on Necromunda et al. ;)

    Allimagator Kameleont-Krokomodile

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