I doubt very much that I'm unique in remembering vividly the turning points in my relationships with people. The ones I'm talking about primarily are those which diminish the individual in my eyes nearly permanently.

Sadly, I encounter this with most people I meet, sooner, rather than later. Someone does or says something and I find myself incapable of respecting them any more. Often it's when someone snaps at me about something trivial, often it's when I'm patronised and other times it's some aspect of their behaviour that I consider idiotic.

Allergies are one thing, accepting a plate full of food with no intention of finishing it is another. Presumptuous and condescending remarks are an excellent way to permanently lose my respect and discourage me from even attempting amiability.

I try quite hard to be friendly and not to tax the patience of others, but I doubt very much whether I succeed. I'm relatively sure that I'm hard to work with and do not work well with authority. I'm pretty much conditioned to not take orders blindly and to speak up when an issue or question arises.

I guess I feel a little paranoid at the moment as many things are shifting and it would seem new alliances much be forged to compliment existing ones and replace broken ones. I also hope I'll soon have time to renew some friendships that I have felt flagging lately, but if the mood or opportunity doesn't present itself that could be tricky.

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  1. Sounds like it's a time of flux. You're definitely not alone with remembering turning points. I do that too, and I'm sure pretty much everyone must as well. With me, the things that irritate me the most are usually the people who insist on talking to me like I am stupid or who underestimate me to an unacceptable degree. I have masses of patience with people, but when they reach my limit, that point where I can no longer hold my tongue, then things change rapidly. For every friend I've lost touch with, I can pinpoint the exact moment. People often think I am weak because of my patience. They are generally the same people who find out the hard way that I'm only soft on the outside ;)

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