Phew, finding a decent Blogger template isn’t that easy. I’m not entirely satisfied with this one but it’ll do until I can be bothered building my own.

That’s not what I felt like writing about today, today’s subject is more a sort of creeping suspicion kind of thing.

A while ago I wrote about how I didn’t wish to move to Facebook but my hand was essentially being forced. I was careful to make sure I moved my content to independent sites rather than commit to Facebook entirely. Why did I do this?

Well, for a while Facebook was growing amongst the people I know, but now it’s getting to the stage where I log on and see what’s going on and there’s a resounding nothing. Perhaps it’s because my social life of late has been comical to say the least or perhaps I’m just feeling more depressive and cynical than usual.

Either way, I look at what’s in whatever Facebook are calling their users’ home page and I see the following:

  • Two sets of photos
  • A few random, relatively mundane status updates
  • Some status updates via Twitter
  • A lot of nothing where all the apps I’ve blocked were

Perhaps it didn’t used to be this lame, but I doubt it.

It feels to me as if Facebook is losing its momentum. There’s no exclusivity, nothing special about it. I think I’m getting social network fatigue.

Perhaps I’m just getting general life fatigue. I feel like I’m doing a combination of absolutely nothing and all the work. I guess I just feel generally frustrated at the moment, although I imagine it’s only temporary. My love for this city is being slowly sapped on a daily basis, which I do not like.

I guess I’m just feeling uninspired on all fronts.

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  1. I'm sure it is temporary. You should think about taking a few days off from any kind of coding or site development, and concentrate on things that will renew your enthusiasm for the city. Get out of the house and do some things you will enjoy. Go see ducks! Ducks always make the world seem like a better place, right? =)

    Allimagator Kameleont-Krokomodile

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