The updates have been slow of late for a fairly understandable reason – I’ve had both exams and coursework. Now that those have been taken and handed in as applicable, I’m back.

During the exam period when I wasn’t studying I was playing Team Fortress 2 a game I’ve wanted for a while and simply haven’t had the finance to purchase. Conveniently it was on discount for a few days a couple of weeks ago, bringing the price down to a very acceptable £6.99. Not bad, I felt, so I now play a bit, which is generally quite enjoyable. I’m not the best, but I’m not the worst either.

I mainly play engineer although I’ve been having some success with the pyro as well, rather fitting on both accounts I felt.engie-benjy I couldn’t help but think “oh dear.. I’ve become Engie Benjy” and as such felt compelled to manifest that in image form. It’s quite ropey, I know, but I tried. You try working with a twisted nightmare child in photoshoop to get something vaguely right!

Generally speaking I’ve found the players quite friendly and welcoming, although there are of course exceptions where I come across total douchebags. I was on a server when there was some big football match between someone or other and Barcelona. Chris and I figured that people who enjoy football would be watching the damn game and so we could avoid them by playing TF2..

OOOOOH no. Not a hope. Some prat was playing whilst broadcasting either the radio commentary or the sound from the TV coverage of the match over his microphone. Whilst bickering with someone in the same room and vaguely attempting to engage with the TF2 game too. ARGH.

So, mic spammers aside, it’s mostly good.

I did have some more interesting things to say but I can blog about those later, when I feel more up to it. Right now I’m concerned as my left ear appears to have popped and refuses to unpop. It’s been like this since this morning and is making me worry. I like being able to hear normally!

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  1. Poor Engy Benji's ear. Feel better soon =)

    Allimagator Kameleont-Krokomodile

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