I hope this snapshot does my new monitor justice, I really do. I doubt it will though as without a normal monitor next to it the difference isn’t that obvious.

What difference? This monitor is 1080P. Eh?

Yeah, it has a resolution of 1920x1080 which, as I write this, is rather high. What this means in practical terms is that the damn thing is really wide. When I’m working on an essay I can comfortably look at two pages at once, something I really like.

Furthermore, when I’m editing video or photos I have a lot of screen real estate. I don’t need to have a tiny, cramped working environment. NICE. It’s literally like having two of my laptop screens merged into one (1280x800= 1,024,000 pixels, 1920x1080= 2,073,600 pixels).

The other advantage of a screen that is 1080P is a simple one – 1080P is currently the highest "normal” consumer-grade HD resolution. Should I buy a games console at some point, even if it’s not until the next generation of consoles, this monitor should serve me well. We’ll see if it survives that long, of course, but I’ve got monitors I’ve owned since I was a teenager that are still perfectly usable, so no reason it shouldn’t still be available. Oh and it only cost £120.


In general it’s been fairly quiet on my blog recently as well as in terms of what many people have heard from me. There’s a combination of factors at work – Fallout 3, the elections, trying to film things, personal life, Fallout 3, bacon, Fallout 3. Yeah, I’ve already surpassed Chris’ play time. How scary.

It is my hope that I will quickly get things back on track as things have been drifting away from me a little these last few weeks but I feel fairly confident that I’m now in a position to actually take back control. The elections made me feel very powerless, not being able to campaign (through my own inability as well as being officially neutral) but also due to my podcasting crew all being busy.

I’ve missed a coursework deadline, I think, but I’m not hugely concerned, mainly because I’ve done the maths and it shouldn’t make much difference at all – I’m now capped at 40% of the available marks. Realistically I would have got 65% at most. Sounds like a big difference? Well, not really. You see 100% would have netted me 30% of the available marks for the module. So, had I got about 65% I would have received just under 20%. 40% will net me 12%, a fairly insignificant difference, given that the exam is worth about 50% and I far prefer exams. Oh there’s also class interaction and a presentation. Yay, marks! *sighs*

Passionate was rather enjoyable, if frustratingly confusing. Yeah, you know what I mean. Word disassociation was fun though, as was dancing to hiphop. It’s nice to get a style of music that I can vaguely appreciate in that kind of setting.

Right, wrapping up I just want to add I’m writing this using Windows Live Writer, a desktop blogging app under Windows. I’m not sure how well it works, so we’ll soon see. So far it seems fairly intuitive and I hope a similar app appears for Linux. I’m not a fan of Blogger’s lousy text box which can’t be resized. It would be fine if I only wrote a couple of lines at a time, but come on, that interface has barely changed since 2006!

Good night, my friends.

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