A slightly more pleasant mood this evening, mixed with a little regret and annoyance. The latter two simply at the fact that I didn't get anything academic done today and would have liked to. I have an overdue essay that I need to finish and am tired of not doing, combined with an overdue podcast that needs finishing. Hopefully I can make some progress on those in the morning.

It would seem one of my potential ships has sailed, at least for now, but who can truly say. Regardless, hopefully that will prevent that particular area being an issue and allow me to concentrate more on immediate priorities. There is work to be done and I know I will feel better if I achieve what I'm aiming for.

I feel apologetic for not allowing a prospect further time with me, although I feel that it was probably a sensible choice, given that I don't wish to hurt them by not being able to provide what they would like, or at least what I imagine they would like. I also can't help but think that someone else I recently encountered ought to be a prospect and how fun it would be. Perhaps another day.

It's been a fairly strange day, I've felt like I'm on something, even though I'm not. The best comparison I can make is to when I'm really drunk and have moments of clarity. My life often feels like it's made up of those with a sort of vague haze in the middle. That may be normal though. It's nice when I get a proper challenge and can achieve it.

I hope that finance won't soon become a challenge that requires my attention, perhaps after my exams though. After that it might be fun to try to arrange for some additional income, if possible. I'd really like to have some more money, although really, I think I'd rather the society have more money. I want to buy some new video cameras for the society, rather than for myself. We won best society, which is nice, but now I want to up the ante. One thing I could really do with for that though is for others to help out with the editing. I want to release an episode for example, but there's a lot of work involved with each episode and sometimes it's really quite hard to muster up the will and effort to do it. In general at the moment I'm suffering, I hope that I can pull together some strength for that though, I really do.

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