Going left to right - Alway, the boarding house I was in for the first two years of my time in school, School House, where I spent the next five years and then in middle ground, the Art Block.

A closeup of School House, noting the Octagon, a room I never really used that much. I did live in one of the rooms behind the windows on the middle floor, next to the weeping willow.

The back of School House. We were never allowed to use the main door, we had to use the boot room door, visible between the building and the dining hall.

The physics block was here. It was a horrid little building. Claim to fame? It was where I was when the news broke about the September 11th incident. Personally I was just glad to miss out on double physics, if I'd known how much chaos the Bush Administation would cause in its aftermath I'd probably have been a lot more irritated.

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