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13 October 2008

I've finally managed to attend one of my new module's lectures. Good choice, it would seem. It managed to strike a balance between interesting, informative, useful/applicable and pace. Too many lecturers either have too many slides or too few. If you've got two 45 minute sessions, don't expect to get through over 50 slides if each one is crammed with information, it's not going to happen.

Dynamics of Branding has so far been very pleasant. I didn't find it so slow that I spent the whole thing reading Digg news stories on my lappy, nor so fast that I gave up trying to keep up.

It irritates me that I occasionally run into old uni classmates though. It wasn't an accident that I failed Innovation and Creativity in Enterprise, I didn't even try to pass it. If I could have switched to a different module halfway through, I would have, it really wasn't my cup of tea in the slightest. So many people have asked me "why didn't you just stick it out and finish it?!"

I'm not sure how to further explain this - I don't care about course credits. I don't want to just pass stuff. If that was the objective then I'd pass everything - most modules are barely challenging so far. I'm here to LEARN. You know, acquire knowledge?

The material covered in ICE was of no use to me, I can see no way I would use the strategies it was a proponent of. In DoB I've already gained a basic grounding in branding strategies. This kind of stuff is actually useful to me.

Yes, eventually I guess a degree would be nice, but it's a waste of time if it's just a symbol! I don't need something to put on my CV, I need knowledge to build my own enterprises. What use is a degree qualification if I don't have any knowledge?

For this reason, I'm not being reassessed on several modules I was doing last year - I don't want to pass them, I want to replace them, which is what I'm doing.

But yes, irritating academic gripes aside, things seem to be going very well. I'm currently sitting on a sofa in the chapel cafe at Craiglockhart waiting for my girlfriend to finish her classes so we can have lunch. Later I'm going salsa dancing.

The podcast is being released on time - early in fact and we're getting the drama DVDs sorted. If anyone can confirm whether the commentary track is out of sync I'd be most grateful. We've got paid up society members and other clubs/societies are doing well.

It begins.
*cue flash of lightning, roll of thunder and evil laugh*