It canz be sleep time naow?

08 September 2008

I am a tormented Fox.

Not in any sort of emo sense, in that respect, for once, I actually feel great. Recent developments have been most pleasing, if somewhat jarring, hehe.

However, I can't sleep.

Last night I barely slept, I might have grabbed four hours in total, dipping in and out. Tonight, so far, I managed half an hour, before waking up again. I've been trying to relax enough to fall asleep for the best part of the last six hours.

It seems somewhat ironic that when my emotions are at rest the physical aspect of me decides that now is just a brilliant time to test endurance. Thank you, sleeve, I'm so grateful.

I had planned to get in touch with my course leader and see about arranging to redo second year (although I plan to change my modules a lot, I was NOT pleased with the last crop I chose). I'm guessing that if I fall asleep I'll not wake up until late in the afternoon and that if I don't, I'll be too frazzled to deal with the paperwork required. Fun.

On the positive side of things, the NSS forum hasn't caused any issues so far and the construction of my waistcoat is coming along nicely. A podcast needs to be recorded but we've plenty to cover, so no worries there.

There's still editing to do for the drama DVD set though, although that should be fairly straightforward once the audio is synced. Over the next few days I'll probably find myself in a video editing mood and I'll knock that out without any real problem, I would have thought. I do need to know if the audio track for the commentary on the Christmas DVD is out of sync though, so we can fix that.

Anyone fancy co-hosting morning coffee with me this week?

Progress on our noir project proceeds at a moderate pace, story writing has begun and I'm liking what I've seen so far. Not too complicated, but complicated enough to be fun. Test footage would be fun soon, see what we can manage, that sort of thing.

It does occur to me that I'd quite like a bigger bed. There's lots of dead space in my room that I'd like to use for a broader bed, but as this bed belongs to the flat, so to speak, I'm wondering what I could do with it.

I miss my beard, but circumstances conspire against me to keep it, so I guess I'll have to stay clean shaven for the meantime. "Beardy weirdo" THIS you bastards! Mwuhaha! Ahem.

Pessimism and paranoia aside, I think if the main thing I'm bitching about is not being able to relax enough to sleep, things are going pretty well. Matt - start preparing the "things are just fine" placards, we've got anti-protesting to do!