It's very odd, I was just speaking on MSN to an old school friend. It occurs to me that I've known her for about ten years now..

That notion alone boggles my mind - I've finally lived long enough to know someone for such a long period. I used to sit next to her in our common room in Alway. My gods that was a long time ago..

Returning to my train of thought - during the conversation it came up that she had recently graduated from university and was now moving to Leeds or that general area and starting work as a document controller in an office (a role neither of us is entirely certain as to what it entails..).

I'm sure if I was to speak to a few other old friends I'd encounter similar tales of them starting careers. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are engaged or even married, as absurd as that seems to my sensibilities.

To my mind it all seems odd as I feel about 17 still, I'm not ready to pursue a career (if I ever will be..). I mean, I've spent most of my life around adults so I'm still very comfortable with that sort of thing (much like how I'm rather more at home behind the scenes at events than attending them) but I'm not done doing studenty party type stuff yet. I'm still trying to get the most out of this sort of thing. There's so much that I want to do!

Whilst parts of my character are certainly very experienced and developed there are whole areas of me that are very immature, usually to my own detriment. In terms of relationships that is certainly very much the case. I don't have nearly the amount of experience I could do with, rather hampering getting more!

Usually I can observe others first and see a "model answer" as it were, but it would seem with many things no one has taken the time to determine sensible strategies for many situations. Presumably because few people actually approach life the way I do, either that or the people in the position to write such strategies either aren't capable of transcribing them or feel no inclination to do so.

I may be insane, but I'm not crazy. Nyah.

I tend to prefer to visit a venue before an event, given the opportunity. This applies to bars, people's flats, all sorts of things. If I have to try and manage high-level social interaction and taking in a new place at the same time it tends to throw me off for the first hour or two, alcohol depending. Similarly, if I can be briefed on what to expect and vague spectrum responses it tends to make me far more capable in any given situation, it'd be nice if someone would take the time to actually create some of these for the trickier social situations I encounter.

What should I be aware of if I'm meeting someone's parents in my own flat, for example - what is the rough right thing to do? What should definitely be avoided?
How should I address new members of staff when I first meet them?

Anyway, perhaps it's very odd how I think but generally I find when it works it works with a high degree of efficiency and hasn't steered me wrong so far, as long as my blood sugar is kept in check, bastarding sleeve.

Either way, I've far too many things to do before embarking upon a career or even getting close to graduating. I mean, what am I to do after graduating if I'm not ready to start a business? Better to be sure I'm at least ball-park area ready, I reckon.

Cheers for inspiring a blog post, Rhi.