Grr. Argh. Just no.

28 March 2008

When everything has been quiet and there have been no complaints it's either a sign that things are going well or that things have gone completely tits up and everyone is too scared to let the relevant people know, for fear of being blamed, or something.

It'd be nice if I could leave my network to tick over for a few months without someone screwing with it. That isn't to say the individuals have been gits, mostly, it's more a collective fuck-up. In retrospect I should have called far more often to see what was going wrong, but sadly I have neither the time nor inclination to do so, so I won't be making a habit of it. Perhaps I'll demand a weekly report or something to prevent such screw ups.

I don't mean this to be harsh on any individual, it's more by inaction that a problem that started as a minor tech problem has spiralled out of control causing chaos. Yes, we'd like to upgrade our internet connection, yes, I'd like all and any changes documented, no, don't change that without telling me. What I've essentially got is an enormous mess of cables, settings and people, none of whom seem to know what's going on. Think Andrex puppy.

Fortunately, I seem to have a knack for figuring these things out, but the paperwork is going to be a nightmare, hopefully I won't have to do most of it!

Oh and why the arse-buggery-fucksticks did I bother moving everything over onto a new laptop only to find the staff member in question using his old laptop with the new one sitting next to him? Seriously, retire the old one, you'll just end up needing to lug two machines around.

There's probably a good reason, but I'm too busy being annoyed right now to find out what it is! It can wait 'till Monday! Now, someone get me a sandwich!

A friend of mine deleted her Bebo profile today. I have another friend who did that a while ago but for different reasons, this one, however, interested me.
Apparently it was in response to comments from her father that "smart people don't use social networking sites" or words to that effect.

To which I think BEARD. Stock index BRD. Lies! Subterfuge! Seething corruption!

Smart people use social networking sites responsibly. If you google me the worst you'll find is a few silly photos, possibly one of me with my hair in bunches. Terrifying, maybe, but very clearly a joke.

Arguments put forward included potential employers checking a candidate out during their selection process. Now I don't understand how a few photos of yourself and your friends enjoying your free time is anything to concern yourself with. If you have photos of yourself doing something illegal or offensive then DON'T UPLOAD THEM! It's really not that hard.

Everything I say or do on the Internet is vetted before I put it out there just on general principles. I *want* there to be photos of me partying available. If I was looking to be employed in the future, as most are, I would not wish to work for an employer who turned me down based on the fact that I have friends.

Perhaps most people think they're anonymous online and act as if their behaviour has no consequences, as if it is not attributable to them.

To quote the great philosopher Samuel L Jackson in one of his recent works - "There are ALWAYS consequences!"

I find it very odd that people don't link Internet interaction with the real world, as if the Internet is an entirely abstract world, disconnected from all real-world obligations, rules and etiquette.

Employers know they're closely connected. If you do not make this connection, ask yourself why not. Unless you really know what you're doing, true anonymity online is about as easy to achieve as it is in the real world.

Or perhaps I'm a slack-jawed idiot because I like to be available to be contacted and have a public space where others can see what I look like, read about what I do and see videos I create. Stuff that is private is either very hidden and protected from prying eyes or better yet, stored offline only.

Perhaps I'm paranoid and find it easier to be a fairly good person and not lie and hide things, rather than try to paint over all the ugly bits and pretend to be perfect. Or I'm just paranoid. Hopefully the former though.