I'm in a bit of an odd position with regards to my university modules. I'm doing a course that doesn't have any core modules - what that means is that I am not required to complete any specific modules to continue, I just need enough course credits. Of course, there are some modules that have pre-requisite requirements, but that's a different kettle of fish. I do wonder who keeps fish in kettles..

..or worms in cans, for that matter.

Regardless, I have a module that I thought would be beneficial, but it turns out it is a badly structured, joke of a module. Along with the written report, students are required to make a poster. I don't know whether we get extra marks for using glitter. I'm sure there must be a couple of smidgens of useful information in there, but most of them are taught in proper modules (many of which aren't great but are at least leading somewhere).

Let's just say that this module exemplifies the idea of "those who can't do, teach".

Essentially what this boils down to is a couple of simple things - to start with there's the fact that it doesn't have an exam. I don't mind exams, it's coursework I hate. Especially when there's a presentation and a fairly lengthy written report to go with it. I have enough on my plate as it is without all that and the module is worthless to me, so screw it.

The problem comes in that no one seems to know what happens when I fail a module - am I forced to retake it? Do I need 120 course credits, or just 90 as suggested by others?

Or maybe it'll just have turned out that I've failed a whole load of modules this year. If that's the case, I regret nothing. What I've achieved instead has been far more important. The plan isn't necessarily to finish uni, if anything I expect to leave uni before I'm scheduled to graduate in order to pursue some business ventures. Woo.

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