Small gifts.

18 December 2007

There's not many things I still want, materially. Years ago there was lots but through some sensible choices I've got basically all the consumer stuff I want. I've got a well spec'ed laptop, a brilliant mobile, plenty of clothes and access to all the content I could want.
So I compiled a list of small things. Pretty much all of them would cost less than five pounds.These aren't things I'm asking for, but I would be happy to receive any of them, as long as they're given with sincerity.
-A new hairbrush
-Several pairs of socks
-Vanilla Sky on DVD
-A cheap USB mouse for the media centre
-Lunch with soup and a chat
-A couple of shots of tequila, one each.
-A second hand copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for my PS2
-Four packs of Wrigleys Extra Fire chewing gum and four packs of Dextrose sugar tablets
-A photo that you like, with yourself and me in it, but only if you like it.
-A poster of one of my three favourite films.


16 December 2007

I'm trying to decide what to do about my 21st birthday.
I very much doubt that anyone will organize anything for me or even remember that it's my birthday. Everyone seems so busy.

Tuesday night, maybe?
Does that work for anyone?
Any suggestions as to what should happen?

Hmm, a nice evening, a coffee that is actually tall, rather than Starbuck's interpretation of tall, oh and free wifi. Score.

I've been filming at the drama society tech setup, not much to see there, not until the lighting is finished at least. We're going to be filming the show tomorrow, hopefully it'll work out well.

It would seem everyone is ridiculously busy at the moment, they always are at this time of year. I've got a few things on, more than usual but I've still got spare time.. This isn't directed at any single person, it seems most of my friends are busy. Chris is running around like a crazed thing, Lydia's schedule is equally hectic and I've only been able to steal Hatty's attention away from her affairs for about half an hour this entire month.

I should probably book my hotel room in Trondheim too for my journey back from Sweden.

I've got a couple of questions though; mainly which events am I missing in order to have free time? But also - what kinds of Christmas presents do normal people buy each other?

Night person.

10 December 2007

Whilst I know that the chances of getting any useful replies to this are on the slim side, verging on eating-disorder, I might as well ask.

During the day it's easy to get a coffee, I can barely go five minutes walk without a Costa, Cafe Nero or Starbucks, but after about seven in the evening, with a few exceptions. However, during the day I'm usually either really busy or asleep.

So what I'm wondering is - where can one go for a comfy seat and coffee in the evening/night?
The caveat of this is that it's got to not be too loud. I don't want to go to most bars because it's too damn loud.

So, does anyone know of anywhere in Edinburgh that would be suitable?

I could be at my HRM lecture.
I could be planning to go to the tutorial afterwards in room 3/10.
I could be lying in bed thinking about how I've not been back to Brecon since CCB's Prize Day back in 2005.
That small town was in many ways my home for the best part of a decade. It'll be very weird to return, especially as I know I'm not bound by any rules or time limits. There's lots of Brecon I never really explored because of those, that and I had no real reason to.

I suppose that having never really had the chance to wander alone in a town as a child (having lived in the countryside) I readily accepted the rules and limits the school imposed.

I often say that the strongest things binding us are the invisible walls in our heads. We seem to train ourselves to see what we can't do and then just accept that. A friend pointed out that the analogy can be improved by stating that these aren't walls really, they're doors. All it takes to open them is the realisation that we can.

Episode ten of our podcast has just been released..
Ye gods, it's an odd feeling, especially when I watch our opening montage. Series three is going to need a longer montage because right now it is a case of having to remove clips to fit in new material. I really like it as it is at the moment though; a nice balance of events, stuff on campus and society stuff.
The idea is of course to portray a positive, fun and overall active image for both the show and the society as a whole which I think it does pretty well. I'd like to get a live version of the opening music, possibly played at our planned "live" show.
I like the idea of taking over the student union, doing our best to get it absolutely packed and then film the show in chronological order (we often DO film in the order the show is presented in, but only when it works conveniently to do so).
It'd probably be a longer show than any other with lots of audience participation. It doesn't seem unreasonable to forses Morning Coffee being 15 minutes long, depending what happens in it.
As long as everyone has fun it shouldn't matter too much.
Our night out at Red seemed to work out very well, although it wasn't really my thing.

I like to think that despite being a fledgling society we're not cutting any corners or slacking off when it comes to events. I want to do more events that don't involve drinking to broaden our appeal but that's got to wait until the new year.

I think I've said it before but I'll say it again, being able to comfortably blog from my phone is absolutely fantastic. Brilliant.

Between Matt and myself, I do wonder how we ever have time to play any games, watch any movies or do any uni work. We seem to spend an inordinate amount of time hammering out ideas for movies and games.

That isn't to say it's boring.
Gods no, it's exactly the opposite, hence the amount of time it eats!

I just feel somewhat bad when I stay up until 0700 talking, or keep Matt awake when he has an exam in the morning.

Our current idea is based around a movie - a religiously orientated one and correcting the travesties committed in the name of religion. It takes place in a timeline up to and including an end of days, biblical apocalypse type scenario. Whilst Jesus himself is an important character in the plot, it's critical to realise that neither myself nor Matt is or are religious, Christian or whatever.

However, that said we still appreciate the positive aspects of religious teaching, after all, that is what it is supposed to exist for, not to create barriers, pain, hatred and so on, a fact so often missed by the powerful and corrupt institutes that plague this Earth.

I don't particularly want to give away too much of what we've planned, but the underlying themes are tolerance of others, unity with our fellow humans, appreciation that wisdom is not always found in scripture. Another important factor in it is balance (which is especially important in writing the screenplay) .

Chosen homes

02 December 2007

As I lie in bed, vaguely attempting to ignore the racket the flat above me is making, I wonder how much they actually like this city.
I'm not a big fan of any cities in the UK but as it stands, I really like Edinburgh. Glasgow makes me feel somewhat unsafe and I've no real desire to visit any other cities up here. Why should I when this city is my home from metaphorical home?

Sometimes, when I've been at uni for many hours and the sun is long gone (The sun sets at around 1530..) as I'm leaving campus I step outside and just stand looking out across the city as it lies, laid out in front of me. The glittering lights and, the tops of some of the more prominent buildings look so beautiful to me. I'd love to post a photo but I don't think I even can set my camera to have the kind of exposure time it'd require to capture it. Maybe Chris could help me with that.

I wonder how many people actually intentionally chose to go to uni here in Edinburgh taking into account the city itself and how many people merely chose the university itself?