While trying to name my band for my first proper Guitar Hero sesh, Chris said "not too loud, dude, rock in moderation!" and thusly Rock In Moderation came to dominate the virtual stage and stuff.

Only took me a couple of hours to play through the majority of songs, the majority of which I'd never listened to before making it an exercise in both co-ordination, listening and sight-reading.

Why is that blog-worthy? Well, as I said, I've not listened to most of the music in Guitar Hero 2, I missed that generation of music and didn't have an older brother or sister of similar age to recommend it to me.

It's kinda surreal hearing the Rolling Stones, The Police, Iggy Pop, etc. as new music, although not in any way a bad kind of surreal. More like "this is awesome..".

I wonder how many other young people (arguably younger than me, hehe) have discovered artists from the late 60s/70s era of rock through the Guitar Hero franchise.
It's certainly helped me appreciate music a little more (I need to be kinda drunk to not get bored at concerts, at least at all the ones I've experienced so far).

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