Why would anyone fund this film's production?
Was the screenplay not read by anyone before shooting?
Didn't the director have any previous experience?
Didn't one of the video editors question why the footage was utter wank?

Seriously, how does a film this bad get released?

For a film titled 30 Days of Night I vaguely expected time to pass during it. It seemed really like one long night. Yes, part of the story's premise was that it stays dark for the whole film, but that doesn't mean seven days pass just by having a quick fade-out and slapping on the caption "Day 18" or similar when the shot fades back in to reveal the characters in roughly the same positions.

Then of course we get on to the comical vampires. The whole screaming/howling, the way they talked, the fact that they looked like Marilyn Manson's redneck clones..

The only two redeeming factors were the rather amusing punch delivered by the male lead towards the end of the film (straight through a vampire's head, there, now you don't have to see the damn film). Ooh, the second thing, yeah, right, uh..

Well, Mark Boone Jr. played a rather manly man. I mean, pump-action shotgun in one hand and several beartraps slung over the other shoulder. So 'ard as nails was he that in attempting to kill himself and a group of vampires using explosives, he still wasn't able to kill himself (think Marv from Sin City).

If you enjoy wasting time and money on films so bad they don't even deserve B-movie status, watch this festering turd of a movie.

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