Multilingualism FTW.

20 November 2007

Whilst sitting on the bus I found myself compelled to eavesdrop, there were three girls chatting in front of me. Normally I'd not find it interesting, but it was the fact that they were speaking English, Spanish, Italian and a smidgen of Polish.

I don't speak any Italian, but the majority of the conversation was in English and Spanish. I noticed after a little while that I didn't have to really think to understand the Spanish at all. I haven't used my Spanish in practice in a fairly long while, a couple of years at least, but I just found myself understanding what they were talking about.
I kinda miss speaking Spanish, hopefully at some point I'll get to use it again.

I had a point somewhere..

Let's burn.

19 November 2007

I still love that sound clip ( ).
Speaking of burninators and similar nonsensical critters - Trogdor rawks. Yes indeedy. TROGDOOOORR!

I was probably aiming for some sort of point, but I think the main thing on my mind that I feel like sharing as that the iPhone calls to me. It really does. It's the first gadget in years to actually appeal enough for me to save up cash to buy it.

Fortunately, the contract costs are no big deal, I already pay that much per month for my current contract, but still, ~£270 is cash I currently don't have (although hopefully the society will shortly be paying me back some of the cash I loaned it).

To raise cash (and to get rid of some junk), I'm selling off my PSP games (and eventually my PSPs). Why the hell do people buy UMDs of things like The Office on ebay? I mean, I'm charging £9 including postage for a second-hand UMD. You can get them on for £7.99 (inc postage!).
Hell, I got them from UMD for £5.99 several years ago!

Very odd, but I'm not complaining. Hopefully I'll get a decent price for my PSPs, I don't want to lose too much on them, but I don't expect to make a profit, they're just not worth that much any more. I have no reason to keep them though, I never use them any more, they just sit there gathering dust like expensive paperweights.

I don't have a money problem, but cash flow can cause problems too!

Rock in Moderation!

18 November 2007

While trying to name my band for my first proper Guitar Hero sesh, Chris said "not too loud, dude, rock in moderation!" and thusly Rock In Moderation came to dominate the virtual stage and stuff.

Only took me a couple of hours to play through the majority of songs, the majority of which I'd never listened to before making it an exercise in both co-ordination, listening and sight-reading.

Why is that blog-worthy? Well, as I said, I've not listened to most of the music in Guitar Hero 2, I missed that generation of music and didn't have an older brother or sister of similar age to recommend it to me.

It's kinda surreal hearing the Rolling Stones, The Police, Iggy Pop, etc. as new music, although not in any way a bad kind of surreal. More like "this is awesome..".

I wonder how many other young people (arguably younger than me, hehe) have discovered artists from the late 60s/70s era of rock through the Guitar Hero franchise.
It's certainly helped me appreciate music a little more (I need to be kinda drunk to not get bored at concerts, at least at all the ones I've experienced so far).

Santa Lucia - December 13th

16 November 2007

When I was a child nearly every year my parents would take me to a university campus about an hours drive away during the middle of December. This uni was fairly remote and I feel sorry for any student stranded there, however, what it did have was a Swedish language school.
The knock-on effect of this was that on the 13th of December, every year, they'd have an evening open to the public with traditional Swedish St. Lucy celebrations.

These days there's no particular religious significance, that's not the reason the occasion is observed. From what I've read, the 13th of December was the longest night of the year according to the Julian calendar, but regardless, it's still bloody dark!

It's fairly true in Scotland too - the winter is dark. Like, getting dark at 1530 dark. You know, don't bother getting up from that lie-in dark, that sort of thing.

Right, tangenting here! Sorry!
The procession of girls dressed in white robes carrying candles is certainly pleasant to see, especially if you've been in Sweden and seen it (*cough*), however, that isn't why I love the occasion so much. It's the songs.
When I went to it as a child, I liked the songs, but could never understand why they made my mother cry. I do now.

If I make it past "då i vårt mörka hus, stiger med tända ljus" without having to hold back tears, I'm doing well. That and Forrest Gump.

Anyways, I would really like to attend a St. Lucy's day celebration here in Scotland, but despite lots of googling, I can't seem to find anything. Damnit! Come on Swedish Napier students! Sort your acts out! I know you exist because I've chatted to you!

(I'd do it myself if I wasn't so busy with other things - the night before I'm filming the Drama society's Christmas show, for example)

Uni assessments (coursework)

05 November 2007

Most of this week's podcast is currently in the planning stages, as we like to say. Some might say that could be considered "enhancing" the truth. They might also say that it just means its not been filmed yet.

The main barrier to progress has been the fact that both Chris and Tom have been beavering away at their accounting coursework thingy.

It seems that I, on the other hand, selected modules with ridiculously easy assessments. Yay, go me, etcetera.
But then again, even if the assignments were hard (like one of mine last semester) I just don't really get stressed about it.

Ooh, Chris seems to be ready to film Morning Coffee. Right, let's do that!

Why would anyone fund this film's production?
Was the screenplay not read by anyone before shooting?
Didn't the director have any previous experience?
Didn't one of the video editors question why the footage was utter wank?

Seriously, how does a film this bad get released?

For a film titled 30 Days of Night I vaguely expected time to pass during it. It seemed really like one long night. Yes, part of the story's premise was that it stays dark for the whole film, but that doesn't mean seven days pass just by having a quick fade-out and slapping on the caption "Day 18" or similar when the shot fades back in to reveal the characters in roughly the same positions.

Then of course we get on to the comical vampires. The whole screaming/howling, the way they talked, the fact that they looked like Marilyn Manson's redneck clones..

The only two redeeming factors were the rather amusing punch delivered by the male lead towards the end of the film (straight through a vampire's head, there, now you don't have to see the damn film). Ooh, the second thing, yeah, right, uh..

Well, Mark Boone Jr. played a rather manly man. I mean, pump-action shotgun in one hand and several beartraps slung over the other shoulder. So 'ard as nails was he that in attempting to kill himself and a group of vampires using explosives, he still wasn't able to kill himself (think Marv from Sin City).

If you enjoy wasting time and money on films so bad they don't even deserve B-movie status, watch this festering turd of a movie.