Schrödinger's Fridge

22 October 2007

How many of you find that several times per day you walk to the fridge, open it, see nothing of interest and close it again? Do you find you do it again a short while later?
It's not like the contents have magically changed..

Because of this, the fridge in our flat is now labelled Schrödinger's Fridge. It either contains food you want, or doesn't, but it's not determined which is the case until you open the door.

What's your point?

No, I've not died, become a troglodyte or decided to dine solely on chips of concrete, I've just been damn busy this week.

Without Tom by my side here at the NSS there's no way we'd have got things done. Chris and Callum have done a lot for the society, but Tom has gone ridiculously above and beyond the call of, well, not duty, but you get the idea!

Essentially, the NSS has been consuming my time and energy this week. I've done some uni work as well, but I can't say that it's overly taxing. Fortunately, stuff for the NSS gets easier the more we do it as we quickly learn what works, what doesn't work and where to go next.

Also, not that anyone is likely to read this, if I've not replied to messages, it's nothing personal, I'm just cream-crackered at the moment. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Update your blog, some of us are nosey about what you're up to and how much drama you're causing.
You know who you are.

Losing data.

07 October 2007

Part of this is going to seem rather geeky to those of you who aren't geeky and un-geeky to those of you who are geeky. Mandatory "confused yet?" remark.

The other day, Thursday I think it was, my external hard drive started making very odd clicking noises. Long story short, I may never be able to recover the data from it.

What does this mean though?

Well, it means I've lost whatever was on there that wasn't copied to the media centre in my flat. So that basically leaves photos and some video footage.
I've lost all my photos from my old camera and my current camera.
As I'm very visual, that kinda means I've lost a lot of memories.

I feel it's somewhat sad that I don't really care that much. The photos were mostly of Zoe and those times. Sure some of those times were a lot of fun, but now they just stand to remind me of what drove me to break up with her.
The photos aren't that interesting and there's not many of me.

Maybe that's arrogant, but I'd like to look back through my photos and see that myself enjoying life, taking part in things. It's not that I haven't done so, but when I've done stuff no one has bothered to take photos.

While the rest of you remember it, I don't. I've just got big fuzzy spots in my memory in between big events and there's no photos to fill it in. Please don't make me ask you to take photos, don't complain when I take photos. Aww, you don't look good in photos? You look fine. Really. Even if you don't know it. All of you.
Don't always pose. Some are fun posed, but I want some of actual events, not just how you want to present it.

On the plus side, last time a hard disk crashed I lost a hell of a lot more data. M'eh, the most important stuff is on ZD-Harriet's hard disk or online.

The NSS.

03 October 2007

It begins.
Our first season 2 podcast isn't out yet, it would have been out tonight, but Chris went out before finishing our jingle, so it'll have to wait until the morning.

That said, I'm not resentful in the slightest, as he was at the NSU with the Drama Society and the Snowsports Society (another NSS!), in an official capacity, networking, making us known, making friends for us.

A certain friend of mine, the one who knows me better than anyone else, has faith that I can pull this off. I know that if we play our hand carefully and fortune favours us, we can reform and rebuild the Napier student culture. Based on my previous experiences, either I make my own luck, or Lady Luck has her eye on me.

We've got good people that I have faith in who are enthusiastic about our cause. We've got allies and contacts. We've even got events planned.
All we're going to need now is you.

Also, for the couple of people that made us chuckle by asking how the NSS found their email addresses to add them on Bebo.. Good one, guys. You wrote down the addresses on our clipboards! Remember?