Webcomic Guest Strips

27 July 2007

Just a short little entry here and it'll probably be fairly meaningless to anyone who doesn't read webcomics, but then again, I don't think most people who have me added as a friend on Bebo tend to read my blog entries. Hope you sort things out with Phil.

One of my favourite webcomics appears to be doing a guest strip week.
The thing is, if I wanted to read comics done by the other artists, I would.
Sure, occasionally a guest strip is good, but most of the time they seem to be half-arsed attempts at humour that fall flat on their faces.

It'd be fun to see the storyline continue, as dictated by the main artist, but drawn in a different style, but most of the time I find that when the guest artist tries to be funny using characters that aren't their own, they make a pig's ear of it.

Synopsis: Guest comics suck.

Will sucks. :P

21 July 2007

I was hoping to go to Cardiff to misbehave and generally act my age today, but it would seem Will is skint. Git.
There's always next weekend I suppose, well, until I'm leaving for Edinburgh again..

Thursday and Friday were excellent though, as I had my old friend, Ben, to keep me company. Drinking and watching war movies, woo.
I did find time last night to make some Benmoticons, you can view the files here:

The Falconry Festival

18 July 2007

Fairly late yesterday evening I arrived back at IWC base camp in West Wales with the final load of tents, food and other assorted gear left over from the festival. The festival was only two days long though - Saturday and Sunday.

That said, I had been on the site since the previous Monday. The site was a large field on a country estate just outside Reading (Englefield, to be precise), where I camped for eight days, before travelling back and forth several times with my mother moving equipment.

I've still not quite recovered and ache all over. It was really only the last two days that were bad, as it was cold, wet and windy, not so nice to wake up to.
To add to my discomfort, I was quarter master for our camp there, a fairly essential job, considering the amount of equipment we had and how easily it could be walked off with by any unscrupulous passerby. What this entailed was sitting in a tent from about 9am, to 9pm. Sometimes longer.

I'm sure that doesn't sound too bad to many of you and I will say that I have done worse jobs, but the thing with this one was the fact that I didn't have any internet access whatsoever. Furthermore, with everyone else busy, I was on my own.
One of my colleagues did wander in at one point and I mentioned that I apologised for if I was a bit irritable, as I hadn't eaten (I needed people to bring me food, as I couldn't leave the tent unless I could find someone to cover for me!).

This matters as based on this he raised an interesting point - I might be hypoglycemic. I've always been very susceptible to mood swings and an assortment of other symptoms when I'm in a state of low blood sugar. It seems that my blood sugar level descends lower than anyone else I've ever met.

On the Sunday we had satelite broadband at the site, so I took the opportunity to check up on this and if Wikipedia's fairly lengthy set of symptoms is correct, it seems quite feasible that I do have the condition.
Fortunately it doesn't seem to be particularly dangerous, more of a persistent nuisance (but I've been used to that, having lived in my body for over two decades now!).

It would seem the festival received an extremely positive reception from all who attended, even if the website is utter shite. NO RLY, it's fucking atrocious.
I only managed to see the second "grand parade of nations" (a parade of 30+ nations in national costume with their respective birds of prey). It was rather impressive, I must say, even for me, someone uninterested in falconry.
Sadly, it was the only event I saw, but I doubt I would have enjoyed the others anyway, so no big loss there.

When it finally dawned on me that LRL 2007 was creeping up on me and that if I was going to go I was going to need to get my arse into gear and sort myself out with a room and transport, I realized that I had absolutely no clue what time I'd need to be there on the Saturday to not miss too much.

Fortunately, LUGRadio has its own fairly active IRC channel on Freenode, so firing up my IRC app I bashed out a question to the resident lurkers. Sure, I got my answer, but more than that, I was greeted by my old friend, Dave2. I'd not spoken to him in three years. Hell, I'd not been anywhere near #uplink where we used to waste our days since November 2004 (my quit-time was coincidentally 13.37. Leet o'clock, as Dave2 insists on announcing on #lugradio every day).


Not only that, but another old mate of mine, Ebola was there too. You may have seen his banner on WD's front page ("I make people bleed").

Dave2 was going to LRL but Ebola hadn't planned to. Of course, the three of us ended up there, staying in the same hotel too (unintentionally). I'd managed to secure a concession in order to get into the event for even less than usual (three quid!) and the large gents hadn't managed to find much to take the piss out of my name for my troubles. They did however state that we would probably just spend most of the time sitting in the cafe chatting..

Ebola and myself in the venue's bar

Well I wasn't standing for that, so Wolverhamptonwards I did go, video camera in one hand, tequila in the other.
I manage to not only film their live episode of the show from beginning to end, but I got my turn on the mic to tell Aq to fuck off about using Cedega for games under Linux.

Because it's BOLLOCKS.

The crowd for the live show

Hopefully that was suitably LUGRadio-y, I don't quite remember my other loud interjections, I should probably review the tape soon to find out what utter crap I came up with, but I refused to be shy and quiet.
I also managed to appear fairly prominent on HashLugradio (a podcast about the podcast) including a tangent about how Wikipedia is "fucking shit".

The Hashlugradio podcast recording

An "Oh my fucking god I didn't realize you'd actually do it" has to go to Adam Sweet.
The programme had an hour long block marked "ADAM SWEET'S GONG-A-THONG LIGHTBULB TALK EXTRAVAGANZA".
Little did I realize that this meant Adam Sweet being the MC for a series of short talks, punctuated by loud bangs on a rather awesome gong..
..wearing nothing more than a thong and a lot of body oil.

Of course, that was just during the day. The Saturday night was something else..
There was the three of us, of course, but there was also Christal, controller of Freenode (as far as I understood it), several great Irish guys and rather awesome Irish lady too ("Jono proposed to me today.."). Jono even found the time to hang around with us for half an hour, amongst others who I've sadly forgotten the names of.

That and more sambuca than we could burn, lots of cider, more tequila, Yagermeister, shit, I get dizzy just trying to remember what else we drank. The bar was so cheap though, you're trying to give us all liver damage, aren't you, guys?
I practically lost my voice shouting "GOAT!" with Dave2, but more on that later.

Ebola has got to get the award for the most drunkenly drunkard, rather over-doing the sambuca (I had a LOT, but I think he had at least five more than me). Ooh, I remember there being whiskey too at some point and something called "Purple Death"..

But, despite our rather damaged immune systems we managed to soldier on through the second day, including the hour of power, the #lugradio podcast I rambled about earlier and the Great LUGRadio Quiz ("Community! Community! Community!" and the excellent segment "Beard or chin?", thank you, Bruno).

Finally, FREE STUFF!
Whilst I didn't manage to grab myself a GPX2, I did manage to get a DefectiveByDesign hard hat lobbed in my vague direction for my anecdote of the previous evening ("You mean the previous goating..").
The hard hat thankfully protected me from a lanyard that ricocheted off it, although I didn't manage to get a copy of Red Hat thrown at me, I really wanted one so I got throw it back!

Well, to close, I've got to thank all the crew that put in the hours to make it all happen, my good friends, Andreas and Dave and of course, the large gents, Jono Bacon, Ade Bradshaw, Stuart Langaridge and Adam Sweet, who aren't actually that large in person, aside from Aq, hehe.
Finally, after nearly over two years of listening to the show I can finally tell their voices apart enough to be able to put a name to the voices, even if Ade has a very knobbly bald head.. like he's incubating some bizarre alien child under the back of his skull..