I had an hour to spare today at Craiglockhart and so stopped by to be in the audience for what Napier billed as something akin to The Apprentice or Dragon's Den.

It wasn't though, was it?

It was more like a handful of fairly unsure candidates and a panel of experts with only a couple of people who'd justify the term "expert". The concept wasn't really explained to the audience.
Hell, I didn't even get any good footage.

Come on, Napier, try a little harder next time. What's this "Graduates for Growth" company all about?
Why didn't they take the time to explain?
Why the fuck should anyone want to work for you?

Pish, to put it in local slang.

Dax wax make a pot of red gunk that is utter evil. However, it is handy for gluing long hair into insane configurations. The pic below is one of the less flamboyant styles I managed to achieve.

That said, to remove the stuff is a nightmare. Not to worry, thought I, the special dax shampoo will remove it..

Not a hope.
"Completely removes all oils, pomades, etc." my fucking CHIN.

I've washed my hair at least twelve times in the last 48 hours and whilst I'm making slow progress, I've STILL got wax in my hair. It's like a perpetual bad hair day!

Back in 'burgh

20 April 2007

I'm back in Edinburgh as of about 2020 tonight. The journey went fairly smoothly, even if my backpack was WAY too full (and consequently my shoulders hurt like hell now).

Zoe welcomed me at the station, but after that the evening went less well and now I'm exhausted, annoyed and alone. Urgh.

Well, hopefully things will be more fun here than down in Wales. I've got a podcast to make, a society to organise and rollerblade skills to learn.
Once more into the breech dear friends, once more.

I'm back home, that is to say, in South Wales.
Not that that matters in the slightest to many of you, but I figured it could be handy to know in the off chance that anyone wanted to buy me a drink. Yeah, right..

I might finally get a bit of a trim, cutting back my mane a little, not too much, mind you. Of course, it doesn't matter much anyway, as it'll grow back quickly.