27 February 2007

I'm not sure how many of you know, or how many of you will even read this, heh, but I've broken up with Zoe.

I'm not totally certain how long we were together for, but something in the region of 10 months.

That's all I have to say, I guess.
Get back to work!

Apologies and gloatage

14 February 2007

I apologise to Fraser, now that he's told me what's going on it's fair enough.
It's not my call to disclose it here, but rest assured, things are cool now.

My new lappy arrived yesterday.
As of about right now I have both XP and Ubuntu running on it.

With Ubuntu looking waaaay blingier.
I <3 Beryl.

Vista's Aero bullshit can lick greasy donkey cock.

Change of Plan..

11 February 2007

Mood: Pissed off. Like. VERY FUCKING ANGRY.

What the hell?! Fraser bailed on us!
One of the only people who were in it 100% from the beginning has suddenly decided that he can't afford to go.

Cheers, mate.

Now the rest of us are screwed.
We need six people. Where are we going to find two other people at such short notice?

I don't like to be pessimistic, but honestly, I have no idea where we could get two other people.

Some of you might be vaguely aware that I'm working on going snowboarding next month.
Does that make me cool enough to be seen outside yet?

Anyway, we were going to be scoring lift passes for a quid each, but unfortunately this offer seems to not apply. We'll do our best to get it anyway, but otherwise the holiday could be a bit more costly.

But still, damnit, we're going!
We have one free place..


It'll be about £220 for flights and accomodation and a further hundred or two for gear and lift passes. We shall persevere to get it cheaper though.

My sister may be able to bring a friend, so there's still an open place!