The Wii

12 December 2006

You know, when I bought my PSP I was expecting so much from the launch games. I was really let down when I played Lumines and Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix. Both struck me as mediocre and "artificially filled" with content.

I'm not sure if you know what I mean by that, but I'll try and explain. In Tony Hawk's there's "story" mode and "classic" mode. Both use the same levels but just have different objectives. Neither is particularly smooth or entertaining.

Reviewers said "it'll seem like the same old thing if you've already played Tony Hawk's Underground 2". Well, no, it'll seem repetitive if you've played ANY Tony Hawk game. I've played 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I absolutely adored 3. I played it, played it and played it some more. I fucking love that game.
Tony Hawk's 1 was too bare, 2 was getting there but still lacked finesse, but 3, wow.
4 seemed to forget its roots though and I never even tried to finish it.

Skip to "Underground 2 Remix" and I was just unhappy. Shame it's not worth selling or trading in!
Multiplayer would be excellent, if it wasn't for the fact that no one else owns a PSP, let alone this mediocre game!

Lumines got rave reviews, they loved it!
I still don't get it though. It's tetris with prettier graphics and music. That's it.

Tetris was fun, back in the day. Back in the day as in when it was bundled with the Gameboy! (Original!)

So, mediocre titles didn't exactly inspire me. But I held out hope, I even created a very popular magazine for the console. I even bought a second one! But clearly, that wasn't enough for Sony. They just fudged things up again and again, just as they are doing with their PS3, the arrogant pricks.

The DS is an amazing platform, but it's not my thing. The PSP, wow I thought, now THAT will be something.
Shame the developers didn't share this view. All we got was shovelware crap. The occasional fun title, but little else. I loved Me & My Katamari though..

Anyway, cut to present day Edinburgh.
Shot pans into the centre of the city, through the window of a young Napier student.
He and his flatmate are enjoying a game of WiiSports bowling.
Before that they were playing Red Steel.

Can you believe it? Of all my launch purchases, I don't regret any of them! (Wiiplay isn't great, but it was effectively only a fiver, so who cares?)
I've got a kick-arse FPS, Red Steel, that I adore the control scheme of and can't get enough of.
I've got a wonderful mix of mini sports games that I enjoy playing with my flatmates.
I've even got a pretty nifty racing game!

I really do think the big N are onto a winner with the Wii, sorry, wiinner!

The Xbox360 may rule the roost when it comes to graphics, but for gameplay, the Wii is king. It's expanding the market like nothing else before it and I look forward to the future releases on it.

For me, the wonderful thing is load times, or lack of them. Very rarely am I kept waiting, which is a good thing.
I'm willing to wait for an expensive meal, or for a bus, but damnit I paid a lot of money for this entertainment and I want it NOW. Entertain me, bitches!

Vice City Stories on PSP is one of the few games that rarely has loading times, just like all other GTA games.
(I don't count Liberty City Stories as good, on account of it being repetitive shite. However, I always adored the setting of Vice City, so I love the "sequal").

Ramble ends!