Open Source Games

30 October 2006

I was just going through the games listing in Ubuntu 6.10, Edgy Eft and thinking about how we're really lacking in respectable open-source games.

Certainly, there's a fair few excellent games, but not that many that appear to be up-to-date, or even near to it, graphically. I know graphics don't matter that much, I mean I can honestly say I believe in that, after all, one of my favourite games of all time is Fallout and its sequel (I actually dreamt about playing the game sometimes!). However, it had these wonderful isometric graphics that showed all sorts of fun details.

The graphics in most open source games seem to either be overly "cartoony" or very primitive 3D. You know, it'd be nice if projects could recruit some good artists and some good 3D modellers.
I know it's not always so easy to do, but for a project to be respectable, I believe it should consider graphics and textures a serious priority, we've got plenty of good programmers, but we could really do with some artistic talent too!

Much as the LUGRadio guys say, we've got shitloads of great game engines but hardly any that actually use the damn things!

I don't see why videogame development students, along with any budding video game developers or artists don't see the window of opportunity here. Surely if they were to contribute a few hours a week of their spare time to a project it would then count in their favour in seeking a job?

If you could say "I did much of the graphical work in the newest version of Freecraft", wouldn't that be ace?

Anyway, that's all I had to say, goodnight, all.