I shall waste space on your servers with my photo uploads!

*runs around with underpants on his head*

*gets told off by girlfriend*

*behaves* Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Sw33t, this blog thingy works!

Well yes, I've used blogs before, it's not that, it's more that getting different tools to work together is pretty cool.

Nevertheless, I'm rather irritated that I can't blog from my mobile due to the simple fact that 3 aren't supported.

Oh well, I can still email from my phone, I just can't email with photos (pretty godsdamned annoying, to say the least..)

I have no idea how this blog entry will turn out, but at least it proves that picasa publishing works under Linux. Woo!

This photo was taken up on the mountains of Southern New Zealand. Enjoy. Posted by Picasa