Something people have asked me about over the years is whether there's going to be a Gorkamorka equivalent to Necromunda Community Edition. I've written about the various versions of Necromunda before (here's the post) but I think we've got time for a brief overview:

  1. Necromunda's Original Rulebook (ORB)
  2. Necromunda's "Living" rulebook (LRB) (odd choice of name)
  3. Necromunda Community Edition (NCE)

The first was the book/s in the original box.
The second was a tweaked re-release about a decade later that simplified some things but wasn't particularly thorough and had quite a few mistakes in it.
The third is actively maintained at the time of writing.

Bit of a mess for new players.

Gorkamorka didn't get the same treatment for various reasons. It also doesn't have a community edition. Partly because creating such a thing is a lot of work and partly because there's not as many people passionate about the game. Passion isn't enough, really. A community edition needs players, expertise, project management, and many other things to boot.

So in the middle of this there's me - waving my staff like Gandalf and screaming "Let's get this sorted!"

Perhaps I have the talents to pull this off. My degree has to be useful for something, right?
Yeah, probably not. But I might still be able to manage this.

On the plus side it's not as hard as it was to get players. We've got a Facebook group that's pushing 2000 members and various excellently talented people are emerging. Back in the day we had Matt's excellent talents and Ross' quirky enthusiasm. Couple that with Liam's brilliance and a few more people to playtest and the team worked rather well. Unfortunately that doesn't work so well remotely. Being able to draw on whiteboards and cover walls in Post-It notes made that work possible.

So now I have a scattered group of talented people who need some direction in order to make things happen. I don't want them duplicating effort or misunderstanding the "core vision" and this blog post is partly my way of trying to codify that vision.

Right, erm, core stuff:

Break as little compatibility as possible.

There's lots of fan stuff out there and it should, if at all possible, not break. We don't want to create a situation where lots of old material that we love has to be modified to work with the new. Players shouldn't need to check whether a ruleset is compatible or not - it should just work. If it breaks it should be the fault of the rules they're adding in, not the game edition.

Aim for speed.

I know the rules to Gorkamorka like the back of my hand (My left hand has an area with dodgy nerves so that's probably a fairly apt comparison...) but even so games later in a campaign end up slowing to a crawl while we look up cascading vehicle damage and special rules. That's a problem. The game has plenty of wonderful complexity in its campaign system. Individual turns of a game should flow smoothly if at all feasible.

Try not to tie the rules to the setting.

Gorkamorka is set on Angelis, a desert world. Many 40K things don't exist there and Ork society is a bit different from on other worlds. GCE should instead be usable for battles in other settings with Angelis being one of them.

That way things can be implemented or rejected based on the campaign rather than the setting as a whole.

There may well be more principles but I'm drawing a bit of a blank now. Then there's lots of specific stuff to deal with but it needs to be informed by the fundamental goals.

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