I’ve been harping on about furnished and unfurnished accommodation recently and it reminds me of what I talked about in June. Space is what one makes of it.

The reason I despise divan beds (box-springs) is simple – I feel they add very little whilst making any room they’re placed in feel much smaller. Some have drawers to make up for this but in my experience those drawers are only a fraction of the actual space they take up.

This might not matter in many countries where houses are massive but in places like the UK rooms are tiny. The concept of “open plan” didn’t get much further than offices so these houses are then further segmented by superfluous walls. Hooray.

Sofas are comfy, sure, but I’ve yet to find one that does anything except sit there. It may sound silly but barely any furniture seems to be designed to actually take into account the environments they’ll mostly be part of.

With any luck better access to engineering software will help with this over time. Clever solutions are there to be found if we can ensure the tools to find them are in the right hands. I would also hope that the market for these sorts of things will grow given the fairly large shift in lifestyle for my generation.

By that I mean that we need to be able to move in order to find work. It’s hard to pack up traditionally bulky furniture. Flat-pack helps but it doesn’t factor in weight. Have you tried lifting a flatpacked bookcase? Ouch. That’s why I sold them.

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