Yesterday I posted an entry with quite a few embedded videos and it got me thinking about YouTube.

Whilst it’s a huge monolith of a site at the time of writing it’s worth pointing out that when this blog started it wasn’t even 18 months old. Google bought it in early October 2005.

To some people, like the kids on the Scratch forum, that’s ages ago, but from the perspective of adult me it’s not that long. Certainly it’s aeons in terms of personal development and life but in tech terms there haven’t been many other massive shifts in things (with the exception of the rise of social media and ubiquitous smart phones).

For some reason it makes me think of one of the films that came with our first DVD player – You’ve Got Mail.

I think it’s because the film shows a world of adults using technology to communicate. They’re established in their lives and are using email to converse rather than because email is nifty.

I’ve used YouTube to share video with people but I’ve always felt like there’s a whole community out there that I not only don’t understand but that I haven’t got the right mindset to ever be part of. For years online streaming video wasn’t really feasible on the internet connections I had and as a result I avoid using it.

I recall Remy wondering aloud why I would prefer to read a news article than watch a video on something. His dyslexia explains his preference, I imagine, but for me it’s due to multi-tasking. I don’t like doing one thing when I’m at a computer browsing the web. Streaming video can’t be multi-tasked.

I’ve probably said that before but it bears repeating. I’m only just starting to appreciate PDFs fully – that prejudice took years to get past!

What makes me a little sad is that it’s a world I’ll probably never appreciate because it’s changing all the time. Video responses are already gone, comments have changed, ratings have changed, Google Plus integration is being hammered in. Whatever once existed, the YouTube I perceived, is probably already a minor historical footnote.

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