I don't read anywhere near as much as I did when I was little. Even when times were tight it was one luxury that wasn't denied me - there was never a shortage of things to read.

When I was a child I also loved Star Wars. Three films and a few books were my experiences with the series. As I got older my interest in the series waned, much like many others. It wasn't so much that I grew out of it as it drowned my interest with sheer volume. New, fairly mediocre, films, more books and games than anyone could be expected to get through, TV shows, ugh. On and on. I still love episodes IV - VI but most of the rest feels like its had all the character polished out of it.

When something new comes along I worry that it'll become like that. I tried to play Mass Effect, for example. Couldn't stand it. The universe was this vast space opera that I found immediately off-putting. It's a game. If I wanted to spend time getting to know something to this degree I'd dedicate my time to something that actually existed, like ancient Egypt.

Another bit of legacy from when I was younger - as I lived in the countryside I wouldn't be able to pop to the library when it suited me. My mother would pick up books during the day that she thought I might like and continued to do so for many years. This seems to have actually made me very bad at choosing new IPs to explore!

So these days if it's not a Pratchett book, or something by Richard Morgan (She was good at picking things I'd enjoy, not just "family friendly" things!) then chances are I haven't been near it. I look at things like The Wheel of Time and balk at the task of getting through the numerous volumes. Really I should think "Wow! Look how long I could stay in that world if I wanted!"

But I don't.

What helps is if there is some other media that can serve as a primer. I don't want a movie of the entire book, just enough to get me over the initial hump. The same works if there's a game. I'd quite like to read BioShock: Rapture to spend more time in the setting. It might be terrible but the fact that I've experienced some of the setting already is enough to make it familiar. The same is true of the Assassin's Creed series. I could go for a few books about that!

Something I find does help a little is browsing the titles on a Kindle. I can't easily see how long a book is, or see the front cover. It doesn't exist as a tangible thing and so the barrier to entry is lower. I'd much rather find more things in the world for me to enjoy than try to pretend my own failings aren't the issue.

But come on, why should I care about Commander Shepard?

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