My post titles are often cryptic or odd but they’re usually related in some tangential way to the contents of the entry. Yesterday’s was actually directly related for once – Chris Myles’ design work combines various bits of engineering to make functional wrist-blades.

Before I get on to that let’s ensure we’re on the same page with regards to what wrist-blades are. They’re from the game franchise Assassin’s Creed and extend without a button being pressed:

Unlike the official one sold by GameStop:

Various reviewers seem to love it but personally I think it looks awful. I would expect such a thing to be expensive but actually be good. This one isn’t too dear but it’s so half-arsed. No, thanks.

(Myles) Ammnra’s version on the other hand not only looks the part but is operated by a ring:

The second version of it included a safety mechanism operated by rotating the ring:

There’s even a “blueprint”:

He now sells a gravity fed version but it’s not quite as fun:

The point being that things are imagined and then it just takes a bit of motivation and someone makes it a reality. The availability of tools, technology, and the ability to share information makes this stuff happen.

If only one could get more people focused on solutions for a more mobile lifestyle!

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